Dive into the minds of our common man columnists as they bring you sports in Layman's terms. Whether you agree or disagree, you'll be relieved to know that we are exactly like you! We just love sports.


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Michael Beda is the mastermind behind Beda Banter. History scholar, music enthusiast, and definitely doesn't believe that Maurice Richard is overrated. He just might be Layman's Sports' most interesting man. Fun Fact: He plays quidditch but hates Harry Potter.

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If you’re in need of a halftime speech, then Albert Stephens is your guy! He calls Football his lover, both “The Beautiful Game”, and the Gridiron! A pure strategist and tactician, he’ll dive deep to find the perfect solution to any problem a team might have. Now, it’s time for the second half!

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Jet Weekly is written by Derek "The Jet" Bresette. Don't let the name fool you though, the man takes his time with his articles! A lover of Rugby, and literally knows every Stanley Cup winner by year...kinda scary. 


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Screenshot_20190816-203534_Logo  Foundry

A basketball wiz on and off the court, Matt Eichhorn truly embraces his icon status. Whether he's breaking down advanced analytics or repping his Rams (Ryerson Rams that is), it all comes from a place of knowledge

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His golf game could use some work, but his baseball insight is on point! Don't hate him because he's a Pats fan, hate him because he's a Yankees fan as well. Don't think he's legit though? Go ahead, test him. Brooks Primo is PrimeTime Sports.

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Daniel "SportsCentre" McNeil is a Toronto sports fan through and through. He even loves the Argos...somehow. But don't let his love for the CFL throw you off, he's a diehard Packers fan, and he will tell you to R-E-L-A-X.


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A massive Cowboys fan first and foremost, Ang Nitz never disappoints when he dives into his role as "The Armchair GM". Whether it be the Majors or the No-Fun-League, Ang always brings his passion and love for sports to the forefront. Also, Dez dropped it.


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The Rob Says... is written by Robbie Cameron aka the guy who runs this place, and happens to have an ego the size of Andrew Luck's inflamed right shoulder. Lover of MMA, and whether he's right or wrong, he won't shy away from giving an opinion.


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