It's Time To End the Saudi Deal

Vince McMahon and the WWE have seen their fair share of controversy's, and their partnership with the Saudi Arabian government just adds

The Monday After: UFC 229

What the hell was that? By far the most anticipated fight in recent MMA memory and Khabib proved that the hype was real..

2018 MLB Postseason: Division Series Preview and Predictions

October Baseball. This is what it's all about. Playing in the postseason to have a chance at winning a World Series Championship. You have the Wild Card round that is decided by a 1-game playoff, and you even had 2 tie-breaking 1-game playoffs to decide who wins divisions and to avoid those 1-game playoffs. Major League Baseball Playoffs can be the most unpredictable, which is the beauty of it. Now that we are down to the final 8 teams, let us now have a look at the match-ups as well as my predictions on who wins in how many games: AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston Red Sox (108-54) vs WC New York Yankees (100-62) And here we go. Battle of the super-powers that everyone wanted to see, and now you got it

2018 MLB Awards

Well, here we are. We are finally in October; which means that it’s time for the MLB Postseason. This also means that it’s time to hand out

NFL Owners Are Being Cheap

Seahawks defensive player Earl Thomas was carted off during Sunday’s game against division rival Arizona Cardinals...

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