Let Colin Kaepernick Play.

It’s time for the NFL and the owners to wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to Colin Kaepernick. Just a few days Kaepernick met with the Seahawks about a potential workout deal. Kaepernick sat the whole 2017 season because no owner wanted to take a risk in signing him. The Seahawks management had the chance to get themselves a quality back up QB, even though he could probably start more than half of the QB’s in the league, but I digress. Apparently the Seahawks told Mr. Kaepernick that he couldn’t kneel and would have to stand for the anthem. Kaepernick passed and the Seahawks decided to postponed the workout. The Seahawks got Colin’s replacement and signed Stephen Morris. Wait…. WHO?? Here’s a little back story on him. Morris, on his fifth team, has never taken a snap in the regular season and he’s undrafted. That’s the guy that’s going to back up Russell Wilson!?!?

Colin Kaepernick has talent and skill to still play in the NFL. What’s disappointing is that no team wants to sign him if he continues to protest the anthem. It has sparked outrage amongst fans and it has become the blame why ratings have dropped the last two seasons. Colin might never play again and league needs to deal with this. There’s no football reason why he shouldn’t be on the field. When guys like Drew Stanton and Derek Anderson having jobs it’s mind blowing that Kaepernick isn’t even signed. The league isn’t getting the message he’s trying to send. Kaepernick asked a US army veteran Nate Boyer a question on what was the best way to protest the anthem. But as he took Nate Boyer’s advice, Kaepernick has become the black sheep on a farm. What’s better sitting or kneeling? Seems like an obvious answer. Even during an interview Kaepernick has said that he respects the military and the people fighting for his country. But people have spun it around and called him a disgrace to his country. The NFL cares too much of Colin’s political opinion than his football play.

This isn’t the first time a professional athlete got the old boot from a big 4 league for their political views. Former NBA player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf was a decent player that lost years due to not standing for the national anthem due to his religion. Abdul-Rauf is a muslim and standing for the anthem would conflict his believes. The NBA would suspend him one game. The league and Abdul-Rauf would reach out a solution where he could pray standing up during the anthem. Two years later he wouldn’t get a sniff from an NBA team ever again at the age of 29.

Kaepernick shouldn’t be another Abdul-Rauf. It’s not like Ray Rice punching his wife in the face or Josh Gordon getting caught with weed. Kaepernick’s message doesn’t seem to have reach the NFL and it’s owners. But billionaires don’t seem to care nor understand what he’s fighting for and that’s a shame. All the owners care about is the money and nothing outside of football. I’m not speaking to all owners but most of them. It doesn’t help that a man like Bob McNair, the owner of the Houston Texans has been link to insensitive comments towards the players. A man like Bob McNair shouldn’t even own a team but the NFL is turning a blind eye and that’s a problem. Kaepernick has done so many great things in the community and has donated to so many charities. He’s become an activist whether people like it or not. He’s not a thug like Vontaze Burfict or Pacman Jones but they let them play. The owners don’t hesitate to sign guys that have problems with the law. Some of them are repeat offenders. The owners don’t want the media frenzy that would go on for the whole season if they sign Kaepernick. But Kaepernick not being signed will always be the bigger story and wont stop being a headline until he signs. History has proven that athletes can overcome their political stance and enjoy a good career while having a good life. Doesn’t Kaepernick deserve to play and enjoy what he loves to do on the football field?

Colin Kaepernick being robbed of something he’s very passionate and he’s paying the price. Hopefully the NFL will wake up and realize that this ridiculous and the owners will give him a fair chance at a comeback season just like they’re giving Mr. Johnny Football. If not than the CFL will gladly take a talent like Kaepernick. It’s the NFL’s loss not Kaepernick’s.

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