Three Reasons Why Dez Bryant Should Sign With The Packers

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Yup, I’m going to say it. Dez Bryant should be on the Packers. Despite what Aaron Rodgers says about Bryant possibly being on the Packers and giving mixed feelings to the idea. Bryant can be a big help to the Packers. As of May 22, Bryant still isn’t signed, but he did turn down an offer from the Baltimore Ravens. Dez Bryant can be the offensive weapon the Packers need whether Aaron likes it or not. Here are the three reasons why Dez Bryant should head to Title Town.

1. Production

Dez Bryant hasn’t eclipsed a 1000 yards in a season since 2014. Though in 2016 he missed 3 weeks, which probably cost him 1000 yards receiving that season. None-the-less a receiver of his calibre shouldn’t be having such a drought. With a Quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, Dez Bryant will easily hit over 1000 yards if healthy. Bryant and Dak just couldn’t get their chemistry on tact. Dez will have someone that can give him the ball and have massive yards after catch stats. Remember back in 2015 when James Jones got cut by the Raiders and came back to the Packers having his best statistical season? Rodgers made James Jones have a big impact on the Packers offence. Imagine what Rodgers can do with a healthy Dez Bryant. Jordy Nelson has been the only bonafide receiver Rodgers has ever had. Randall Cobb is decent but not a number 1 receiver. Another thing will help Bryant is seeing the end zone. Rodgers no doubt can have another red zone receiver. Bryant has 3 seasons with double digit touchdowns. Aaron Rodgers has been a top tier QB in the red zone. In a injured riddle season last year Rodgers had 12 TD's and no interceptions. In 2016, Rodgers had the most red zone touchdowns out of all the quarterbacks. With Dez Bryant's size and catching ability, Rodgers will be passing the ball to number 88 a lot in the end zone. It’s a one two punch that can be a disaster for opposing defences. Dez Bryant can easily be back to being a pro bowl receiver with Mr. Rodgers under centre.

2. Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Commitment

Dez Bryant wants a 1-year deal for now, and then sign a long term contract next offseason. If there’s a team that Dez can achieve that with, its Green Bay. Even if the Packers are a short term stay, if Dez can prove he can still regain some of his former promise and be the X-factor Bryant can get some big cash and years elsewhere. This is a big opportunity for Bryant and it would be wasted if he doesn’t go to Green Bay. A potentially big statistical season for Dez can end up with some big money contract offers next season, and at age 29 this will might be his last chance at getting that contract Dez thinks he's earned. Knowing that the market has shown little interest in Bryant, there aren't many options left.

3. Super Bowl

The Packers can still contend for a championship. With Aaron Rodgers in the forefront, the Packers will always be a contender. With an offence that brought in Jimmy Graham and a defence that’s rebuilding with some good young talent, plus a new defensive coordinator. The Packers are a still a threat in the NFC. If Dez Bryant signs with the Pack it could greatly increase their chances of winning the Lombardi trophy. The Packers have won a Super Bowl and gone to 3 NFC championship games during the Rodgers era. Not to mention losing to Green Bay twice in the playoffs, Dez Bryant hasn’t enjoyed much playoff success and joining Green Bay can change that. Bryant can help propel the Packers to the next level. Rodgers making big plays happen and throwing it to a big play receiver, this is a chance for Bryant to add Super Bowl Champion to his to resume. Playing for a team with a dysfunctional management certainly didn’t help Dez achieve his biggest goal. If Bryant can put aside his personal feelings towards Green Bay and make a logical career decision, than the future looks bright for the X-man.

Bryant's offseason hasn’t gone according to plan. With that being said he has a chance to achieve more in his career, whether it's stats, money or trophies, and he has a great chance of completing those goals if signed to Green Bay. He can play with a great offence and with one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Despite both sides not being fond with one another there should be no doubt that the Packers need Dez, but Dez needs the Packers more.

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