NFL Owners Are Being Cheap

Source:Norm Hall/Getty Image

Seahawks defensive player Earl Thomas was carted off during Sunday’s game against division rival Arizona Cardinals. Thomas is likely to be done this season unless the Seahawks make it to the SuperBowl. With this injury, Earl Thomas can forget about that big contract he was hoping to sign after this season. While being carted off the field Thomas was seen giving his own bench the middle finger.

With Thomas basically done for the season, you can understand why running back Le'Veon Bell has sat out so far this season. Each game Bell sits out he loses approx. 855,000 dollars a week, and has already lost over 3.4 million dollars from doing so. Thomas, on the other hand, reported to camp but did not practice to lessen the chances of getting injured. The Seahawks saved their cash, but screwing Thomas out of a big contract is a problem, but why you ask? Because the Owners are cheap and simply don’t care about the chance of injury the players take on the field. Why shouldn’t Thomas get paid? He’s by far one of the best secondary players in the league and has proven to be a big factor in games. Earl Thomas has been a pro bowler six times and a first team all-pro for three straight seasons between 12-14. While Sherman got a lot of the talk amongst fans, Thomas is the backbone of the Seahawks secondary.

Simply said, it’s time for the owners to stop being cheap. A player of his calibre should be getting more money. Thomas is getting 8.5 million dollars and a 1.9 million dollar signing bonus, which in total, would be close to 10.4 million. If you eliminate the signing bonus on Thomas’ contract Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden would be making more with his 100 million dollar contract. That is straight ludicrous. In what world are we in? Despite helping the team win a SuperBowl, somehow the Seahawks don’t think Thomas deserves it. So why refuse to trade him? How fair is that for Thomas? It’s not. If Thomas sits out he’s the bad guy like Bell has also been portrayed by fans and the media alike. Being the "good guy" cost Thomas his only chance of making big money, and being 29 coming off a leg injury, Thomas will be offered substantially less money from other teams next season.

Le'Veon Bell should be getting paid more. At 26 years old he’s in the prime of his career. Bell is a top three running back in the league. Bell has speed and agility that would turn defensive players upside. A running back that’s hard to tackle and scores points for the steel curtain. Bell has rushed over 2,500 yards the last two seasons with sixteen touchdowns. A three-time Pro Bowler and a lethal player on the Steelers offense, and Pittsburgh doesn't want to pay him? It’s karma that the Steelers are 1-2-1 and are sitting at the bottom of the AFC North. With a washed-up Quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger, the offence has become one dimensional and is ranked 28th in the league in rushing. Not having Bell has made the Steelers very predictable. With the Steelers putting him on the trade block maybe Bell gets that big contract somewhere else. Bell doesn’t have many years left as a prominent running back in the NFL so you can’t blame the guy for thinking he’s worth more money because Bell is proving Steelers management wrong.

The NFL needs to work with the times. It’s 2018 and guaranteed contracts need to be a thing. Owners have to realize players deserve big money even if you're not a Quarterback. I get, it’s a Quarterback driven league but players like an Eal Thomas and Le'Veon Bell deserve better contracts. The NFL have fallen behind with their player salaries compared to the NBA, MLB, and to some degree the NHL. With CTE and other disabilities football players suffer from during and after their playing careers it’s time for them to get paid the full amount and not a dime less. Better play should help an individual receive more money, not get shunned out by NFL Owners. Don’t be surprised if a lockout happens in 2021. If you’re the players maybe a lockout is what the league needs to catch the attention of the Commissioner and the Owners. If you were Earl Thomas wouldn’t you give the middle finger to someone that paid you less than you're worth and cost you millions of dollars? Yeah, I thought so.


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