5 Arrows Matches to Watch While Social Distancing

COVID-19 or the Coronavirus has led to the suspension of Major League Rugby for 30 days. The disease is now a global pandemic and has resulted in the cancellation of nearly every major sports competition in the world. Schools are closed, bars are closed, the stock market is plummeting, and there is no more toilet paper.

Social distancing and self-quarantines have become the best way to limit the spread of the virus. It’s the best thing we can do at the moment. However, when you have to stay home all day, you need something to entertain yourself.

Fortunately for rugby fans, Major League Rugby posts full match replays to YouTube! Obviously, two weeks could give you plenty of time to watch every MLR game available. However, if you don’t have time to watch them all, I have taken the liberty of narrowing it down a bit. Obviously, this is a website that covers the Toronto Arrows. Therefore, Layman’s Sports presents The Top 5 Arrows Games to Watch While Social Distancing.

5. Toronto Arrows @ Utah Warriors

March 30, 2019, Zions Bank Stadium

The ARC had just wrapped up and the Arrows got many (but not all) of their internationals back in the lineup. The Arrows responded by showing what the (near) full strength of their offence can do. The Arrows run in 9 tries from 9 different try scorers and Sam Malcolm goes 9/10 from the boot. The Arrows set the MLR record for most points in a game with at 64-31 win over the Warriors in their final road game of 2019.

4. Toronto Arrows @ San Diego Legion

March 10, 2019, Torero Stadium

They say the sun never sets on the Oitomen Empire. Avery Oitomen scored two tries to spark a massive 2nd half comeback against the Legion. At the time, the Legion had the best defence in MLR. It really showed in the first half as the Arrows struggled mightily.

Honestly, I would forgive you if you just skipped right to the second half. However, I personally think if you watch how the Arrows play in the first half, it makes the comeback even more impressive. The Legion went to the sheds up 17-3 at the break. After Oitomen took over, the Legion would leave Torero knowing they gave up 24 unanswered points in a painful loss.

3. Toronto Arrows @ Seattle Seawolves February 22, 2020, Starfire Stadium

Sam Malcolm’s boot was the star of the show. Malcolm put in a stellar 9/9 night from his boot. He added plenty of great defence, carries, and kicks from hand as well. Malcolm’s performance earned him Player of the Week honours for Week 3 of 2020. Dan Moor also had a great game as the captain added 2 tries in the Arrows 39-17 win over Seattle.

The Arrows thoroughly dominate the two-time defending champions and make a massive statement of intent to MLR in 2020. Hopefully, they get to follow through on the statement.

2. Toronto Arrows vs Glendale Raptors May 26, 2019, Lamport Stadium

Much like the Arrows schedule, the first part of this list is all road games, but we will close out with all home matches. “Our scrum dominated” said Mike Sheppard following this match. If you are someone who enjoys set-piece and watching the forwards go to work, this match will bring a tear to your eye.

The Arrows showed off just how dominant their scrum can be. The scrum put the Raptors on skis all night and allowed the Arrows to completely dominate the game. Outside of everyone in the pack Gaston Mieres and Andrew Ferguson put in great performances as well, combining for 3 of the Arrows 6 tries.

1. Toronto Arrows vs Rugby United New York June 2, 2019, Lamport Stadium

I wrote a paragraph or a brief explanation of what made the previous four games so great. For this one, I only need four words:

Sam Malcolm drop goal.

When you are finished watching all five matches you have a few options to get your rugby fix! One is obviously to head to the MLR YouTube channel and watch all the matches. The second will be to check out MLR 2020: Virtual. MLR 2020: Virtual will see MLR players competing against each other in Rugby20 and live-streamed on Twitch.

What did you think of the list? Did I leave a game out? Was something ranked too high? Let me know what you think! For all your Arrows and MLR news, be sure to follow @BressetteTheJet on all your favourite social media platforms.

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