5 Takeaways From Week 5

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Week 5 saw the Cowboys coming back down to earth after starting 3-0. We also saw the Panthers and Saints winning without their starting quarterbacks. We have our first head coach firing of the year, and the Niners are becoming a team to watch for in the NFL.

1. The Niners Are Good

The Niners going 3-0 was a nice start but I wasn't buying them being a playoff team. That changed on Monday, when San Fran laid a beating to the Cleveland Browns. Jimmy G has had a turnover plagued season in the first 3 games, though against a good defense Jimmy threw no interceptions and pass for two touchdowns completing 20 of his 29 passes.

If Jimmy G can limit his turnovers, make smart decisions throwing the ball the Niners can be a problem. Not to mention their defence has been stifling thanks to Nick Bosa and that secondary.

2. McCaffrey For MVP?

The third year back has had a monstrous season so far. Whether it's running the ball from the line of scrimmage or receiving, McCaffrey has gone gang busters. He's had more total yards than the whole New York Jets team which is insane to think about.

Run CMC currently leads the league in Rushing yards and Total yards, QB's usually are the favourite to win the MVP award but McCaffrey can't be overlooked If he continues to have jaw dropping performances.

3. Jay Gruden Gets The Axe

Jay Gruden became the first head coach getting the pink slip this season, and it’s to no one’s surprise. The Redskins haven't won a game and are in shambles.

Ironically he lasted the longest out of all the coaches Dan Snyder has hired. The questionable management decisions have put Gruden in a tough situation, which has led to one playoff game, and back to back winning seasons which the franchise hasn't seen in two decades. Yet he lost 53 games to his 39 wins.

The writing was on the wall for Gruden to get canned. The team isn't good and has become one of the worst teams this season.

4. Colts Hand Chiefs First Loss

Patrick Mahomes for the second straight week looked human after being shut down against the Colts. The Chiefs only had a total of 324 yards offensively while scoring a season low 13 points. It's the lowest the Chiefs have scored since Mahomes became the teams starting QB last year.

A span of 22 straight games averaging 26 points or more is now snapped thanks to the Colts.

Adam Vinatieri looked like his old self connecting four field goals, and solid performances by Marlon Mack and Jacoby Brissett helped defy the odds and take home the W.

5. AJ Green On The Move?

The Bengals season hasn’t got to plan after hiring a new coach in the off season and their star receiver AJ Green sidelined. This has questions and rumours on whether or not the Bengals would be interested in trading their big wideout.

While many of his teammates wouldn't want Green to get dealt, the Bengals are looking towards the future, and an additional first round draft pick would certainly help them through this tough time.

It would tick off a lot of the Bengals faithful but don't put it past the Bengals management for not entertaining the idea.


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