5 Takeaways From Week 7

Source: Mike Roemer/AP

Week 7 of the NFL is now behind us, and Aaron Rodgers turns back the clock with his performance against the Oakland Raiders to remind us of his greatness. Also, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson put his name on the MVP ballot out-duelling Russell Wilson and getting the victory, and the Pats defence downed the Jets.

1. Lamar Jackson Name Should Be In the MVP Ballot

In the last few weeks, I've been talking about potential MVP Candidates. Well, I'm here to talk about another name that has joined the fray, and his name is Lamar Jackson from the Baltimore Ravens.

The second-year pro’s QB rating is at a solid 94% with a completion rate of 63% of his passes, and to make his statline burst out even more he has more rushing yards than 8 teams in the NFL, and he's a quarterback!

Most importantly the Ravens are winning, but a lot of that is thanks in part to Jackson’s play. He’s right there with McCaffrey and Wilson for MVP consideration.

2. Darnold See's Ghosts

Mondays Football game was a flaming trash bag if you’re a Jets fan. Whatever little life the Jets had this season was dashed away. Sam Darnold came back last week and got the Jets their first win of the season, but the Darnold was snapped back to reality with his performance against the Patriots.

The second-year QB was 11 for 32 with 86 passing yards and 4 interceptions. Also if you include the fumble lost, Darnold gave the ball away 5 times. Jets Running back Le'veon Bell had almost as much rushing yards (70) than Darnold had in the passing game. Things were so bad ESPN picked up Darnold's mic with him saying that he was “seeing ghosts” at one point during their blowout loss. Yikes.

3. Ramsey Gets His Wish

Jalen Ramsey got his wish and got the boot by Jacksonville. Team President, Tony Kahn, wasn't pleased with Ramsey sitting out in their week 6 loss against the Saints, thus proving every rumour to be true. He played 36 snaps for the Rams and had little trouble covering Julio Jones. He gave up only 4 catches for 69 yards.

It's a good move by the Rams as they looked vulnerable to the pass in weeks prior so they’re hoping this turn the tides.

4. Another Ugly Sunday In The Capital

The rainy conditions caused absolute chaos for the Niners and Redskins offence on Sunday. The field was virtually a slip and slide for players. The Quarterbacks, running backs, even special teams were having a hard time coping with the weather.

The Niners got their first shutout since 2016. Case Keenum wasn't able to top 100 yards through the air, Jimmy G barley completed 50 percent of his passes with no touchdowns and one pick, in fact, the Skins only put up 154 yards the in the whole game. It was the first time since week 17 of the 2017 season that a first-half had no scoring.

The Niners remain perfect through the ugliness of their week 7.

5. Vintage Rodgers Returns

The bad man made an appearance against the Raiders and boy did Rodgers stick it to them. The former MVP had 6 touchdowns, 5 passing, 1 rushing, and looked absolutely unstoppable.

It was the first time in his career that he finished with a perfect passer rating. He made history too on Sunday, becoming the fastest to 350 touchdowns, a record previously held by Drew Brees. Even without his number one receiver Davante Adams in the lineup, Rodgers did a great job of spreading the ball to his receivers.

8 different players caught the football, while all 5 of Rodgers passing touchdowns went to 5 different recievers. Rodgers is starting to look comfortable in Matt LaFleur’s offence. Is there a chance the old Rodgers is back? We will have to wait and see.


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