AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

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The Divisional games are done and dusted, we have the Chiefs clashing against the underdog Titans in the AFC Championship, meanwhile the Packers and Niners are dialling the clock back to the 90's as they face in the NFC Championship. The winner of each game will headline this year's Super Bowl and hopefully make history.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee Titans

Did anyone expect the Tennessee Titans would beat a future hall of fame Quarterback and this season's MVP candidate? Well that’s what has happened and have become the David to the Pats, Ravens and now Chiefs Goliath. First off, Derrick Henry has been a force these playoffs, he's gotten almost 600 rushing yards in three games alongside four scores. It's the most yards rushing during that stretch in NFL history. As a result they’ve needed very little out of Tannehill so far.

The defense had another solid outing, forcing three turnovers out of the Ravens, who was also stopped four times on fourth down. In the two playoff games they’ve played, the Titans defence has given up a total of 25 points, while forcing with five turnovers. They looked pretty average during the season, but are now turning it up when it matters most.

The Chiefs had everything go wrong for them early against the Houston Texans. Down 24-0 in the second quarter, the game turned from a blowout for the Texans to a Chiefs onslaught, scoring 41 unanswered points, and incredibly held the lead at halftime. Kansas City would continue to score, scoring on their next four drives in the second half. All together the Chiefs scored on eight straight drives.

The defence finally settled down in the second half against the Texans, but it’s the biggest question mark for Kansas City going up against the Titans. The two faced off already this season with Tennessee outscoring the Chiefs 35-32. Derrick Henry gained 200 yards and had two touchdowns. The Chiefs defence couldn't stop him, and they can expect another heavy dose of Henry come Sunday. On the bright side for KC this was also Mahomes best outing of the season at the time, as he threw for almost 500 yards.


The way the Titans have been playing it's hard to go against them. The Chiefs defensively are weaker compared to the Ravens and Patriots and have already proven they can't stop Henry. Tennessee will head to the Super Bowl for the first time in over 20 years. 31-28 Titans.

Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers

The Niners dominated the Vikings in the divisional round. Their defence shutdown the Vikings most dangerous offence weapon in Dalvin Cook, with only 18 yards rushing and all Jimmy G had to do was sit back and let his running game take them to the promised land. Kevin Coleman had over 100 yards and two TD's in the game, and in total the running game had almost 200 yards, outdoing the whole Vikings offence. Jimmy G didn't have his finest game but he didn't need to with his defence showing up the way they did.

The Niners had the ball for almost 40 minutes and the defence got the Vikings to punt the ball six times. Simply put the running game and defence got them victory, except for the big play by Stefon Diggs in the first quarter. The Niners eliminated the weapons of the Vikings offence, making them a non factor, they’ll be hoping to do the same against the Packers

The Packers looked like the typical Green Bay team we have been accustomed to seeing. They played great for a half and then barely came away with the victory. Green Bay looked like they were putting up a clinic against Seattle, leading 21-3 at halftime (Devante Adams looked to be unguardable), all the while keeping Wilson grounded. The second half was a different story. The Packers defence looked to be in trouble but ultimately persevered sacking Wilson multiple times to effectively end Seattle’s comeback.

The Packers avenged their 2014 loss to Seattle, and will be looking to do the same against a Niners team that blew them out earlier this season. Rodgers was held to a season low 104 yards passing in 36 minutes of possession and only managed to score 8 points. The Niners scored 37 points on the Packers defence and the running game accounted for two touchdowns.


Hate to say It but the Packers run will end in San Fran. The Packers offence won't be effective considering Adams is the only consistent receiver, and the Niners essentially look destined to make it to the Super Bowl. 24-7 Niners.

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