Angle vs Corbin Not Mania Worthy


Last week on Raw Kurt Angle announced that he'll be wrestling for the last time at next month's Wrestlemania in New York City. After the announcement, many wrestling fans were wondering and speculating on whom the 13-time world champion (including his TNA run) would face in his final match. Names like John Cena, Undertaker, and even his former Team Angle buddy Shelton Benjamin challenged him on his Instagram to be Angle's final opponent. The man who won a gold medal with a broken “freakin” neck accepted the gold standards challenge.

When Angle announced that he'd be facing Baron Corbin as his opponent it was very anticlimactic. Kurt Angle's reason? Make Baron Corbin tap out at Mania. Yet we've seen Angle and Corbin fight on Raw before. Not so long Corbin made Angle tap with his own finishing move with the ankle lock. There's no reason to see these two men face off in the biggest show of the year. No offense to Corbin but he doesn't have the pedigree, nor has he done much since coming to the main roster in 2016. He did have a great start winning the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal but so did MOJO Rawley. Corbin also won Money in the Bank the following year yet looked foolish when he failed to cash on WWE champion Jinder Mahal thanks to a distraction from John Cena and got rolled up but by the champ. He even got squashed against Cena at that year's Summerslam.

Corbin has gotten TV time since going Raw and does get a reaction from the crowds with a chorus of boos, but Corbin has been made more like a comedy act than a serious competitor by the WWE creative team. Kurt Angle deserves so much more for his final WrestleMania match.

Even in his farewell wrestling tour on Raw Angle was facing wrestlers that were barely on tv, thus giving little interest in his opponents from a fans perspective. Apollo Crews is an athletic, and strong but Crews has a personality of a broomstick. Plus it felt like a plain filler match where Corbin could have just taken Crews' place and face Angle at Raw instead of wasting his final match at Mania. Chad Gable is a talented wrestler but wasn't really given much time against Angle, which is a shame because I feel like both men could have a really good match, not to mention give Gable a nice push going forward. Also, Gable himself was an amateur wrestler, just makes more sense.

Look at Ric Flair's final WWE match against Shawn Michaels and how special that match was, or before Shawn Michaels comeback at last year's Crown Jewel he had an amazing send-off with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26. We are talking classics. Kurt Angle, in my opinion, should face someone he had a connection with within his wrestling career. John Cena would have been a great pick because Cena's debut match was against Angle, it would be a full circle moment. Plus they had plenty of moments that fans still remember to this day. The Angle-Cena battle rap, the matches they had for the WWE title, it makes sense.

Undertaker would be a deserving opponent as well. Their rivalry dates back to the early and mid-2000s where smackdown was the show to watch. Other opponents could have been Finn Balor as the demon against Kurt or have Dean Ambrose get a good send off too and face Kurt at Wrestlemania. Both men are set to leave after Wrestlemania, but this wouldn't be like Goldberg/Lesnar at Wrestlemania 20 were each man phoned it in after their contracts ended. Speaking of Lesnar, why not him? Heck what about a Samoa Joe rematch for old times sake?

Kurt Angle had an amazing career and as awesome as it was to see him come back to the WWE after a long hiatus Angle vs Corbin will only be a footnote at this year's Mania, he deserves better than that. Kurt deserves the good ole Mania send-off like the Hall of Famer he is.


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