Cole Retains, Velveteen Shines at NXT Takeover

Source: WWE

Another NXT Takeover, another amazing show. It's something we've come accustomed to. The WWE's "feeder show" puts out an amazing product leaving fans wanting for more and this show was no exception. Epic feuds came to a close, awesome entrances take place (thank you Dream), and all-out chaos takes place. Let's recap shall we.

Cole and Gargano have had two classic encounters before this bout, making a 2-out-of-3 falls match the perfect ending to this trilogy. The first match was of the regular variety. Cole was in control for the most of the match and ultimately won via disqualification, thanks to a few Johnny Wrestling chair shots. The second match is truly where we saw the hatred boil over, as the two men ran rampant all-over Scotiabank Arena. Eventually, Gargano tapped Cole with Garga-no escape. The third and final act had the whole crowd in a frenzy. As if we thought the match couldn't get any crazier a miniature cage came down from the rafters to the delight of all. With tables, ladders, and chairs (oh my!), among other weapons attached to the cage Cole and Gargano go to town on each other. In the end, Cole pinned Gargano as both man fall from the top of the cage.

The co-main event saw Shayna Braszler facing off with Mia Yim. To be honest, this match never stood a chance. The crowd in all honesty was burnt out from the all the action they saw prior to this one. Braszler and Yim tried all they could with their scrappy styles, but it was a forgettable match. Braszler retains via Leg Triangle.

Velveteen Dream, Roderick Strong, and Pete Dunne. Need I say more. Three men with three VERY different personalities and it was beautiful. It started out with an amazing entrance by Velveteen Dream that somehow creatively merged Mounties and the Toronto Raptors together, after that we saw a double Boston Crab courtesy of Strong, and was ended off by a Macho Man-esque Elbow Drop by Dream on Dunne. Dream retains the NXT North American Championship.

With the Street Profits making multiple appearances on Raw these past few weeks it was a surprise they retained as Champions over the Undisputed Era's Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Ford and Dawkins controlled the bout for the most part, Montez Ford even provided the best part of the match giving us his best Rock impression. In the end, a Frog Splash from Ford onto O'Reilly ended it.

Former friends, now enemies, Candice LeRae and Io Shirai opened up the night in a spirited contest. Shirai entered to a cheering crowd despite the new heelish look. Shirai was dominant and looked awesome in her new role. Going forward it will probably be hard to get the crowd to boo her, but for now her new look is impressive.

Besides the clinic put on by Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano, the standout match and performance has to go to Velveteen Dream as he retained as champ. Once again, fans walked away happy, and once again will probably steal the show this weekend. NXT Takeover remains a fitting name.


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