Coronavirus is Shutting Down Sports World

Source: USA Today

I've been in denial long enough. For too long now I've be saying "this is just like the flu, except a fancier version of it". Well guess what? I was wrong. Apparently scientists know more than I do because essentially all of the sports world is shutting its doors to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Personally, I blame Rudy Gobert. That bastard walked around mocking this SUPERBUG as if it were a joke. Spitting it's face as if it were a mere 5'10 point guard driving the lane trying to put up a weak sauce floater, hell if I were a 7-foot giant making a 100 billion dollars a year maybe I'd feel invincible too. Now look at us. The NBA has suspended play, the NHL has followed suit, and I suspect many other massive events will go down that same path.

Thanks Rudy. You arrogant son of a bitch.

On a more serious note, these moves had to happen. Once Gobert tested positive, preventive measures had to take place. To be frank, we've never seen anything like this. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this "fancy flu" would disrupt the world, especially here in North America, in such a jarring way.

I suppose saying you don't truly take something like this seriously until it hits home is a bit of an understatement, but man, what the fuck.

As of now here is a list of the major sporting events/seasons that have been impacted by the Coronavirus, or Covid-19 as the Corona beer company would prefer you to call it:

NBA - Season Suspended

NHL - Season Suspended

MLB - Spring Training Suspended

MLS - Season Suspended

MLR - Season Suspended

La Liga - Season Suspended

Champions League - Tournament Suspended

NCAA Basketball - Atlantic, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10 have all cancelled their Conference Championships, Duke and Kanas suspend season

WTA - Miami Open Cancelled

PGA - Multiple Events postponed (Masters still a go)

F1 - Team McLaren postpones season

At first leagues were just mulling over the possibility of playing in front of empty arenas and stadiums, but once one domino falls so do the others. With so many major sporting leagues and events playing it safe until further notice, I wouldn't be surprised if the Masters or even March Madness throws in the towel as well. Some PGA events will be played with no one there but at that point you're only playing for your sponsors sake.

This may be poor wording, but I believe time heals all (although they say it takes 2 weeks for you to show symptoms, so maybe with time you just get sicker) and at some point we'll be getting our beloved sports back. Until then though I'm just gonna wash my hands 7 times a second, stay home and watch of On My Block, I'm two episodes in and I already think this season stinks.

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