Five Takeaways From Week 2

Source: Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Week 2 of the NFL season is now over and it was a tough week being a starting Quarterback. Some significant names were caught with the injury bug, 10 teams are still undefeated, and a new era is upon us in New York. Here are some takeaways from the NFL's week 2 weekend.

1. Big Ben Done for the Year

The Pittsburgh Steelers seasons looks to be officially over after their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger injured his elbow against the Seattle Seahawks. Big Ben signed a 3-year contract this past off-season in hopes of bringing the Steelers back to the Superbowl. Now that seems all but dashed away. Roethlisberger, who is 37, will be 38 by the time he comes back, has a long road back so it’s time for the Steelers to find out what they have in Mason Rudolph. Pittsburgh hasn't won a Superbowl since 2007 and with the losses of Antonio Brown and Le'veon Bell, they are in a bad position. Not only does it seem like this season is over, but the Big Ben -Tomlin era could be as well.

2. The Dolphins Are Baaaaaaaaad

Not much needs to be said here. Only 2 other teams in the history of the game of given up more points in a 2-game span than the 93 that have been put up against these Dolphins. This is a rebuilding year, but Miami is definitely on has done themselves no favours by essentially eliminating all the talent off their roster coming into the season. 0-16 is a possibility.

3. Ramsey Wants Out Jacksonville

Jacksonville hasn’t lived up to high expectations they set just two seasons ago finishing last in the AFC South division this past season and looking like a prime candidate to do it again. To make matters worse their star cornerback, Jalen Ramsey, wants out. No doubt the two-time pro bowler would benefit from a change of scenery but it seems the Jags have made it difficult for teams to try and trade for their star DB. According to the NFL senior reporter Albert Beer, the Jags asking price for Ramsey is pretty steeped. Two first round picks is the starting point and more to be asked to get Jalen Ramsey out of Jacksonville. Where will Ramsey go? Only time will tell.

4. The Book of Eli Has Reached It's Last Chapter

The New York Giants finally did it, Eli Manning will shall give way to Daniel Jones and sit on the bench. The two-time Super Bowl champ will now watch the new kid throw the football and lead the offense. The Giants offense isn't in sync, they haven't been a good team in a while to be honest, and if this season is supposed to about turning a new page than Daniel Jones should get the start. Eli Manning was the face of the Giants for almost two decades, Manning beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl, he's seventh all-time in passing yards, 8th all-time in passing td’s, and he's a future Hall of Famer.

5. Brees Out, Bridgewater In

The Pittsburgh Steelers weren't the only ones that have lost their big time quarterbacks due to injury, the Saints too will lose their former MVP quarterback for the next six weeks. With Brees going down, it's time for Teddy Bridgewater to come in and lead. Bridgewater has made one start in the last three seasons and the next six games will be no walk in the park. Bridgewater was 17-30 for 165 yards passing after replacing Drew Brees, not great, but not terrible either. For the Saints, there's still a chance. Even though Bree’s is out for six weeks their division is wide open. They have good players on both ends of the field and maybe Bridgewater could get his once promising career back on track.


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