How to Improve The King of the Ring

Source: WWE

On the heels of Summerslam, the WWE announced they will be bringing back the King of the Ring for the first time since 2015, and although the first few matches have already been decided, I feel like there are improvements to be made.

In total there will be eight superstars from each brand facing off to be dubbed the new King of the Ring. The title has made plenty of superstar careers, like Stone Cold, Bret Hart, and Brock Lesnar to name a few. However, since 2002 the WWE the tournament has been held sporadically, and the times they did hold the prestigious event the winning talent was essentially wasted. The WWE either failed to put the rocket on their back and give them a push, or they basically put them in comedic roles with nothing big planned for the future.

With that said, the WWE has a chance to make the King of the Ring a big deal again. This tournament can help those guys who are not main eventers, but can maybe sneak into the main event spot and maybe get a shot at the Universal Title or the World Heavyweight Title. Guys like Drew McIntyre, Samoa Joe, Elias and maybe even a Buddy Murphy, are all talents who could benefit from the extra clout.

It also can help give other wrestlers another chance at being at the top like Kevin Owens, and The Miz. The list of wrestlers they have in the tournament can make this fun. They all have different styles and strengths, which can make this tournament unpredictable, who knows maybe we see a bunch of upsets, but WWE has to make this feel important. Fans already know the recent history with the King of the Ring and their disappointment with it so the WWE with have to drive home the importance of the event by actually showing it through their characters.

As for the tourney itself, it could also use a change or two. Instead of just naming a bunch guys to join the tourney, have them earn their spot, have qualifying matches, make it feel that the wrestlers have to scrap and claw just to participate in it. How about a point system? Have the winner get two points and a draw for one point, and a loss gets none. Anything to spice it up would be a big improvement.

The WWE has pretty much killed the 2 out of 3 falls match concept in recent months, but I think for the finals it could be something that they could pitch. A 2 out of 3 falls matches would be a nice finishing touch to the King of the Ring, both men could pick a match of their choosing, and if it goes to the third and deciding fall the fans get to vote online what match type it should be. Adding to that concept, the higher seeds in the playoff round could choose a match that could benefit them more against their opponent. Thus making a higher seed more valuable.

In 2002, the WWE decided the winner of the King of the Ring would get a title shot at Summerslam. However, now that Summerslam just passed, the winner would get their title shot at Survivor Series. As the idea for both brands top champs facing off at Survivor Series would be scrapped completely. Also, neither the Universal or WWE Heavyweight titleholder(s) should be participating, as the King of the Ring should be for guys who are up and coming or mid-carders. It's a tournament that should help guys become stars.

The King of the Ring can be looked forward to again if the WWE has ideas that can make it not feel like a bunch of matches in a meaningless tournament. If the WWE can make the fans feel the importance of the tournament again it would be a huge feather in their cap for years to come, as it once did. It wouldn't take much to make it exciting. The wrestling would be good and show-stealers are a possibility. They have the talent and skills to make it memorable. The King of the Ring deserves some respect to its name.


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