It's Time For The NBA To Change The Logo


Last week Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving preached that the NBA logo should be changed. Since 1969, Jerry West has been the silhouette of the iconic NBA logo, though now it feels like the right time for the NBA to consider switching up the logo.

Jerry West in an interview in 2017, didn't like the fact he was the man behind the logo. He felt embarrassed being the man behind the logo which was the nickname people gave him for years. He also felt that other guys deserved that honour, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan and LeBron James were the names being said by the Laker great.

“I wish that it had never gotten out that I’m the logo,”

West was one of the best players in the league in his era no question, but let's be serious, the logo is outdated. There are a few players who should take West's place on the logo. Michael Jordan would be definitely my number one pick. Jordan did so much for the sport itself. No offence to West, but Jordan is a global icon. In his career, MJ was the NBA and nobody could touch him.

Sixers head coach Doc Rivers was asked about who should be the logo of the NBA. While he was cool with West being the "logo" he did think Jordan would be the logo if the NBA changed it.

“I have been asked that but I don’t know the answer to that. I mean Michael Jordan would be the logo.

Even to this day, MJ is the most popular player and he's been retired in almost 2 two decades. Jordan's brand is bigger than the NBA and bigger than basketball. He helped the NBA cross-brand into the hip-hop culture and into the mainstream. Michael Jordan should replace Jerry West as the logo of the NBA, he's done so much for the league and is a big reason why they in the spot they are.

But there is someone else to consider. Last year, after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, there was a big push amongst fans to make Bryant the new logo of the NBA. At there was a petition to have Kobe Bryant as the new logo for the NBA. Over 3 million have signed the petition so far. If Jordan declines being the logo, Kobe Bryant would be another great pick.

His mamba mentality has inspired many people. He's the embodiment of what an NBA player should be. If there was a way to perfectly honour the late great Kobe Bean Bryant making him the logo will be it.

The logo represents the league. In many ways, it's the first and last thing you see. Whether on a broadcast or in a social media video, the logo is always present. If West doesn't want to be the logo why bother keeping it? Sure the NBA might have to pay royalties if they do decide to change it, but they need to think about the long-term gains.

The NBA's current logo doesn't appeal to the current product. It's too old school and bland, which when compared to the product on the court is anything but. We've seen the NHL switch things up in recent years and the NBA should follow suit.

The NBA may never change their logo, but they need to read the room. Many players and celebrities have chimed in and there's a wave of support behind the movement. Jerry West got the recognition he deserved, now it's time for the NBA to go in a new direction.


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