Jays Failed In Stroman Trade

Source: Mark Blinch/Getty Images

The trade deadline has come and gone and all I can think is what in the heck are the Toronto Blue Jays front office doing?

After weeks of speculation the Jays finally traded away their ace Marcus Stroman to the New York Mets. The New York native has one more year left on his contract, and despite the team having a rough season, Stroman was a bright spot. His record isn't noteworthy but he's not on a contending team either. His ERA is below 3, he’s healthy and looking like the pitcher that he was a few seasons back.

Teammate and buddy Aaron Sanchez has had a season to forget and the rest of the rotation has been dreadful. Matt Shoemaker had a solid start to the season but went down with a torn ACL, as a result at the Jays basically have a bunch of guys that are being put in the rotation just fill roster spots. Stroman has really been the only consistent piece.

Toronto's management decided to get desperate and ship him to New York's second favorite baseball team, the Mets. Toronto traded “Stroshow” to the Mets for two of their top 3 pitching prospects. It sounds good in theory, I mean when you say it it sounded like the Jays hit a home run but not really. Both prospects the Jays got aren't the type of prospects that scouts go crazy for. Anthony Kay is 24 years old. He's already four years younger than Stroman, and has a couple of red flags on him. He missed the whole 2017 campaign due to a Tommy John injury. He has gotten up to triple A this season but is sporting a 1-3 record and an ERA well over 6. Simeon Woods-Richardson will be a long term project. He's 18 and does have potential to be a good starter. Scouts have said that he doesn't give up home runs and has a good fastball, but will have to continue to work on his command. Neither of these prospects were ranked in the top 100 on MLB’s top prospects list.

They waited too long to trade Josh Donaldson and now they rushed to trade Stroman. The Jays blew this deal. Of course we will have to wait and see but the Jays didn't seem patient enough to get a better deal.

You can criticize the Jays for not keeping Stroman as well. He'd be a good piece and a mentor to the younger Jays players during this current stage of the rebuild, not to mention win you games.

The Jays made a stupid decision. Atkins and Shapiro look bad after this trade. The continuous back paddling of the team getting rid of their players is getting old. If it wasn't for Vladdy, Biggio, Jansen and Bichette, Shapiro and Atkins’ jobs would be in jeopardy. Toronto will now have to rebuild their pitching rotation, and who knows how long that could take.

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