King Of The North: Week 12

Another week of Major League Rugby action is in the books, which means it is time to hand out another crown. Now the question is; can I hand out two crowns or co-crowns? I say why not? This is after all my blog and I am completely making up the rules to this as I go.

The most compelling bit of Canadian rugby in the MLR this week came during the Toronto Arrows match with the San Diego Legion. Obviously, Canada always has an eye on Canada’s team, but there was an extremely compelling Canadian vs Canadian matchup this week. The battle between openside flankers Lucas Rumball and Michael Smith was incredible to watch. Rumball is the current star of the Arrows and one of the top players of the Canadian national team. Smith represents the next wave of players coming forward.

Rumball and Smith both led their squads in ruck arrivals throughout the match ensuring that they were in a constant battle. Rumball ended up having more breakdown steals, but Smith’s side ultimately got the win. Rumball had the iconic moment of the match where after receiving treatment for a cut, he came out with his face wrapped up like a Mummy. Rumball wouldn’t let the new head gear slow him down as he created a turnover within a few moments of returning to the game.

Rumball has been having an MVP calibre year and with his steal in this game has now reached 20 on the year. Ultimately, making his pace at 1.81 steals per game. Smith has begun to shine since as the season has gone on. Some injuries on the Legion back row have created an opportunity for him and he has taken that opportunity and ran with it.

He has shown that he can be a force in MLR and has now earned his first crack at the Canadian National Team. For treating fans to a great Canadian vs Canadian matchup and having unreal seasons up to this point, Rumball and Smith both earn crowns in week 12.

An honourable mention goes out to Mason Flesch for his highlight reel assist on Gastón Mieres’ try. I would typically include a video of all the Canadian try scorers this week. Unfortunately, Canadians were shut out across the board.

Kings of the North 2021:

Week 1- DTH van der Merwe (LA)

Week 2- Fraser Hurst (UTAH)

Week 3- Lucas Rumball (TOR)

Week 4- Corey Thomas (LA)

Week 5- Ross Braude (TOR)

Week 6- Ben LeSage (TOR)

Week 7- Lachlan Kratz (NOLA)

Week 8- Josh Larsen (NEFJ)

Week 9- Michael Smith (SDL)

Week 10- Matt Heaton (RATL)

Week 11- Matt Heaton (RATL)

Week 12- Rumball (TOR) & Smith (SD)

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