King Of The North: Week 14

Another week of MLR action is in the books and that means it is time to hand out another crown! This week we have a slight change of pace as it will mark a first for the King of the North Crown. We have yet to crown a player who ended up on the wrong side of the scoreboard at the end of 80 minutes. However, despite the loss, this performance can’t be ignored.

Lucas Rumball finds himself at, or near, the top of nearly every stat category that matters across MLR. His exploits at the breakdown are becoming the stuff legend as the season goes on. He was credited with another two against the NOLA Gold this week. I personally thought he had three, but you have to go with what the official stats say.

Rumball was a menace all over the pitch in this match. He added 13 tackles to bring his total to 156 on the year (now first in MLR). Rumball’s work rate was once again absolutely off the charts. Few players in MLR get as many breakdowns as Rumball. Once Rumball arrives, few can match him in this area of the game as well.

Rumball found himself in a great battle with Cam Dolan throughout the match. There was a fun moment where Dolan got a lineout steal only for Rumball to take the ball back at the next ruck. In the one play, both star back rows illustrated what makes them among the league’s top players. Ultimately, despite the loss Rumball’s performance, the tackles, the breakdown steals, the carries, and finding himself ranked 1st in another MLR stat category earns him another KOTN crown!

We have a handful of honourable mentions to hand out this week. Sticking with the Arrows first; Ben LeSage had a brilliant game as well. LeSage was instrumental in shutting down the NOLA backline. He also had a great charge down resulting in him scoring the Arrows’ first try of the match. Rob Brouwer has arrived in Atlanta and showed up in a big way for his first game back. Brouwer had a huge work rate and was solid in the scrum during a massive 75-minute shift.

Travis Larsen was traded from the San Diego Legion to the Seattle Seawolves this week. He was immediately placed in the starting lineup and made a massive impact. He had a huge work rate and earned Seattle’s forward of the match award for his 80-minute effort.

As always here is every try scored by a Canadian this week courtesy of Ben LeSage.

Kings of the North 2021:

Week 1- DTH van der Merwe (LA) Week 2- Fraser Hurst (UTAH) Week 3- Lucas Rumball (TOR) Week 4- Corey Thomas (LA) Week 5- Ross Braude (TOR) Week 6 - Ben LeSage (TOR) Week 7- Lachlan Kratz (NOLA) Week 8- Josh Larsen (NEFJ) Week 9 - Michael Smith (SDL) Week 10- Matt Heaton (RATL) Week 11- Matt Heaton (RATL) Week 12- Rumball (TOR) & Smith (SD) Week 13 - DTH van der Merwe (LA) Week 14- Lucas Rumball (TOR)

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