King Of The North: Week 16

The Canadian national team began their UK tour last week, which means there was plenty of opportunity for the Canadian MLR players to step up and take a shot at the crown. Ultimately, this week ended up being arguably the easiest crown I have awarded, and it is mostly because of one brilliant play.

Andrew Ferguson was positioned next to a lineout just inside the Arrows’ half. Jack McRogers’ throw found Tomas de la Vega who knocked it down to Ferguson. Once the ball was in his hands, Ferguson quickly stepped on the first two defenders Old Glory DC sent his way. He then kicked the ball on and a race with his opposite number, Danny Tusitala, began.

The ball was bouncing toward the line with Ferguson and Tusitala in a tight race. Ferguson would reach out and snag the ball from Tusitala’s grasp and score the best Arrows’ try of the season. Arguably the best MLR try of the season too.

At the time, the Arrows were trailing 21-10. Ferguson’s try completely changed the momentum of the game and the 10 minutes that followed was some of the best rugby the Arrows have played all year. Ferguson’s try opened the floodgates and the Arrows ended their losing streak with a 34-28 victory.

Under normal circumstances, this try alone would have been enough to get Ferguson the crown. However, he did plenty of other brilliant things throughout the match. Of course, the try described above was Ferguson’s second try of the game. Ferguson picked the ball up at the back of a ruck and rolled off a Mungo Mason tackle attempt for the Arrows’ only try of the first half.

Ferguson had some excellent kicks throughout the match which greatly aided Tayler Adams’ in controlling the territory. Ferguson’s distribution of the ball was excellent and he added 5 tackles in defense.

Ultimately, for scoring two tries (including the possible try of the year), changing the momentum of the match, and playing an all-around great game; Andrew Ferguson is crowned King of the North for week 16!

An honourable mention goes out to Mike Sheppard who demonstrated a massive work rate on both sides of the ball and joined Ferguson in the MLR team of the week. Travis Larsen had yet another absolutely monstrous game for Seattle! Larsen has been on fire since he was traded from San Diego and was once again Seattle’s best forward in the match. Unfortunately, Larsen also suffered an elbow injury in the match likely ending this impressive run.

This week’s video of Canadian tries features plenty of Arrows. It’s actually all Arrows.

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