King of the North: Week 2

What an absolutely wacky start to the MLR season! Now that you can bet on MLR games, the twelve clubs have decided to give us two rounds of sheer unpredictability and absolute chaos! Of course, you know what they say; chaos is a ladder. This week’s King of the North certainly contributed to the chaos as he helped propel his club to their first back-to-back wins in franchise history.

Utah Warriors scrumhalf Fraser Hurst entered the game in the 22nd minute to make his Major League Rugby debut. And what a debut it was! The UBC Thunderbird product was called upon earlier than expected as an injury forced starter Michael Baska to leave the game. Hurst made quite the impact off the bench for the Warriors. Hurst ensured the Warriors were able to maintain quick ball at the ruck, made accurate passes, some effective kicks, and he did it all with a poised demeanor that would suggest he has played a lot more than one professional rugby game.

Now look, I can go into a deep analytical dive about Hurst’s performance, but we all know the reason he is getting crowned King of the North this week; the try!

In the 69th minute, the Utah Warriors had a lineout about 15m inside their own half. Tuvere Vugakoto found Matt Jensen with the throw and Utah formed a maul against the Toronto Arrows pack. Hurst gave some directions at the back of the maul then he spotted the gap in the Arrows defensive line. Like he was shot from a canon, Hurst emerges from the back of the maul with blistering speed. Hurst blew by the last two Arrows’ defenders and finished off the highlight reel, 65m solo try which proved to be the final nail in the coffin for the Arrows!

For his efforts, Hurst was awarded the MLR Try of the Week! It was well deserved as he has scored what is surely the best first try in MLR’s history! For that, Hurst also gets the prestigious honour of being crowned King of the North for week 2!

Honourable mentions will go to Seattle Seawolves prop Jake Ilnicki for hitting what felt like ever ruck their game against LA, Arrows’ scrumhalf Jason Higgins for scoring his first MLR try, and Lucas Rumball for just constantly being great at rugby.

As always, you can check out every try scored by a Canadian this week in the video below! You should definitely watch it because that Fraser Hurst try never gets old!

Kings of the North 2021:

Week 1- DTH van der Merwe (LA) Week 2- Fraser Hurst (UTAH)

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