King Of The North: Week 6

Week 6 of the Major League Rugby season gave us another week of Canadians lighting it up across the league. It seems that the King of the North gets harder and harder to select each week! DTH van der Merwe had two tries, but was outdone by Robbie Povey’s hat-trick. Lucas Rumball still has a firm grasp on the “best player in the league” title belt. Matt Heaton, Paul Ciulini, Kyle Baillie, and Cole Keith have yet to find a ruck that they wouldn’t hit.

San Diego’s Michael Smith took home the efficiency award this week. He picked up his first breakdown steal about 8 seconds into his MLR, and quickly racked up some tackles, metres, and ruck arrivals. Maybe it is indeed time to #FreeMikeSmith.

All these brilliant performances and yet each of these players will only find themselves in the honourable mention category for week 6. Unfortunately, there is only one crown to give out each week, and this man has more than earned it. He even had the battle scars to prove it!

Toronto Arrows centre Ben LeSage was phenomenal against Rugby United New York on Sunday afternoon. LeSage had a few massive linebreaks on route to gaining 109 metres for the Arrows. He had a crazy offload on Gastón Mieres’ try, a huge line break on Jason Higgins’ try, and ran a brilliant line to draw in defenders for Manuel Montero’s first try. LeSage dissected the RUNY defensive line throughout the match. He ran multiple great support lines and had excellent passing throughout the match.

LeSage has also proven to be one of the league’s premier defending centres. He had 7 tackles against RUNY and a massive breakdown steal. As Ben Foden attempted to regather a kick that found grass deep in RUNY territory, LeSage made a brilliant tackle leaving Foden with no option other than holding on to the ball. LeSage drew the penalty and that led to Tayler Adams’ cross field kick to Montero as Toronto poured it on against RUNY.

LeSage is in his first season as co-captain of the Arrows. LeSage is certainly leading by example as he has been one of the Arrows’ top players so far this season. He is making an impact both in attack and on defense while becoming the league leader in stitches received. For that Ben LeSage is crowned the week 6 King of the North!

As always you can watch every MLR try scored by a Canadian in week 6 in the video below!

Kings of the North 2021: Week 1- DTH van der Merwe (LA) Week 2- Fraser Hurst (UTAH) Week 3- Lucas Rumball (TOR) Week 4- Corey Thomas (LA) Week 5- Ross Braude (TOR) Week 6- Ben LeSage (TOR)

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