MLR Introduces the Jackals

Major League Rugby will be welcoming two expansion teams for the 2021 season. Last week, MLR introduced the LA Giltinis, a name and logo that has been met with vitriol from the fanbase. This week, it was Dallas’ turn to unveil their branding. Without further adieu, joining MLR in 2021 will be…

Source: @DallasJackals via Twitter

The Dallas Jackals!

I absolutely love this! To be perfectly honest, this is my favourite team branding in MLR! To start, the colours are phenomenal. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a sucker for the green and black colour combination. Dallas already won me over with that. The colours remind me a lot of the Dallas Stars, who have incorporated various shades of green and black in their uniforms even dating back to their days in Minnesota.

The Dallas Mavericks have also incorporated green into their uniforms over the years. I like the idea of incorporating a colour scheme that Dallas sport fans will already be familiar with. It’s a similar strategy that many MLR teams such as Seattle Seawolves, Rugby United New York, and the Toronto Arrows have implemented.

The logo and wordmark itself are sharp. It features a side profile of a jackal head. The jackal is green and white with a thick black outline and thin grey outline around the edge of the logo. It is easy to picture this logo working well on a kit. The two outlines will allow it to pop on either a green, black, or white kit.

For what it is worth, if I had a say, I would opt for one green kit and one black kit. The wordmark works well with the bold Jackals text in black, followed by Dallas Rugby in green. I love the logo and I love the colours. I can’t wait to see the fan merchandise or the kit that this team ultimately goes with.

For me, the thing that puts the Dallas Jackals over the top and the biggest reason it is my favourite branding in the league is the name itself. Jackals are canines that are known for being proficient scavengers. As a result, “jackal” is a prominent piece of rugby terminology. A jackal is when a player quickly gets over a tackled player and steals the ball. The fact that Dallas was able to come up with a solid name that doubles as rugby terminology is simply fantastic.

Hopefully, their future openside flanker can live up to the name. As a bonus, in Egyptian mythology Anubis, the God of Death, was depicted with the head of a jackal. His face was often depicted in a profile view much like the Jackals logo. A rugby term that is also associated with the Egyptian God of Death? I love it!

The Jackals are owned by Neil Leibman, the Co-Owner of the Texas Rangers, and Donnie Nelson, the President and General Manager of the Dallas Mavericks. In addition to unveiling their great brand, Leibman and Nelson announced that the Jackals will play their home games at Globe Life Park. Globe Life Park is perhaps better known by its former name, the Ballpark in Arlington. Globe Life Park served as the home of the Texas Rangers from 1994 until 2019.

For the 2020 season Rangers have moved to Globe Life Field, a new stadium built directly across the street. Globe Life Park then became the home of the Dallas Renegades in the XFL. The capacity of Globe Life Park is just over 48,000 which is massive for MLR. Dallas had initially planned developing a facility at Reverchon Park, but that proposal was rejected.

The Rangers (and therefore Leibman) still own Globe Life Park which could explain why they have chosen that stadium. Perhaps one day it will be known as the Rugby Pitch in Arlington!

What do you think of the Dallas Jackals branding? Join the discussion and let me know! You can find me @BressetteTheJet on your favourite social media network and don’t forget to follow @LaymansSports for all your Major League Rugby news!


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