NBA MVP Power Rankings

Some of the NBA’s best have done the absolute most to be in the MVP conversation. That has opened the door for some debate as to who is the most deserving of the prestigious award, so I decided to put up my own power ranking on who should be the MVP right now. Things could absolutely change from now till the season finale, but that doesn't mean a power ranking isn't necessary so here it is!


5. James Harden

MPG - 37.3, PPG - 25.2, APG - 10.9, RPG - 8.0, FG% - 46.3

The Brooklyn Nets guard has been scorching hot in the second half of the NBA season. The former Rocket has been making a late push for the MVP trophy and has helped carry while the Nets have dealt with the absence of Kevin Durant and the uncertainty surrounding Kyrie Irving. He is averaging close to a triple-double this year, and his scoring averages are as good as they've ever been, averaging a cool 25.2 points per game. He has also become a wizard with the ball passing-wise, leading the league in assists per game.

Harden's chances of winning may not be all that great because of games being missed. He's only played 42 games, but what Harden has done since going to Brooklyn is impressive and has silenced all doubters since the trade. Harden can ball, and he's shown what he's capable of doing when he has some weapons around him. He's become the point guard and the man leading the offence in Brooklyn, and that's not a fluke either.


4. Steph Curry

MPG - 34.0, PPG - 31.4, APG - 5.9, RPG - 5.5, FG% - 49.1%

You have to consider putting Steph in the conversation. Even if it's just for a brief moment. Will he win the award? Probably not. But he is the sole reason the Warriors are even somewhat competitive this year. With Klay missing an entire season, and Wiseman out for the rest of the year, Chef Curry has been reminding people who he is. His latest run has been incredible, and he's probably playing close to the best basketball of his career right now.

His play this season has gotten the Warriors in a potential play-in game and are three games back of the 8th seed in the Western Conference. They have won five of their last seven games, and in four of those games, Curry has notched 40 points or higher. He's also averaging close to 8 three-pointers made in his last seven games. Simply put, the Warriors would be in the basement yet again if it wasn't for Steph's unreal effort this season.

Source: Getty Images

3. Joel Embiid

MPG - 32.2, PPG -29.9, APG - 3.1, RPG - 11.2, FG% - 51.2

Coming into this season, I was skeptical of Joel Embiid. I wondered if the Sixers should consider trading away either Embiid or Simmons, yet so far, the Sixers have been having an excellent season. Embiid has been great, setting a career-high in points per game, averaging six more points this season compared to last year. It should be noted that Embiid is the first Sixer since Allen Iverson to average north of 30 points a game. He's averaging a double-double this season and is in the top 15 in blocks this season too.

Since returning from injury, Embiid has helped the Sixers offence become one of the best in the league. He's having a season like no other in Sixers history. So why is Embiid third? Simple games played. Unless Jokic gets injured (knock on wood) or plays so bad that he falls out of the race, the Philly big man is on the outside looking in.


2. Luka Doncic

MPG - 35.1, PPG - 28.6, APG - 8.7, RPG - 7.9, FG% - 48.6

The Mavs guard is having another stellar season. I know I might catch some flack for putting Doncic so high on this list, but the Mavs all-star has continued to become one of the brightest stars in the NBA. The Mavs were floating into obscurity before Luka came on the scene. Already in his third season, they are in a playoff spot and could finish 5th or 6th in the West. Doncic has averaged over 28 points, but he's been consistent with his assets and rebounds as well. Among PGs, he's second in rebounds and tied for third for assists.

Sporting the most FT attempts in the league, Doncic is getting to the rim and drawing fouls at will. Although his free throw percentage isn't all that stellar, he's pressuring teams into foul trouble. He's become one of the best players at his position and the face of the Mavericks. Last week, Doncic notched 19 assists against the Knicks and then hit an insane buzzer-beater against the Grizzlies. His stock is skyrocketing.

Source: David Zalubowski, The Associated Press

1, Nikola Jokic

MPG - 35.4, PPG - 26.4, APG - 8.8, RPG - 11.1, FG% - 56.9

Is there anybody right now that has been on fire like the Nuggets big man? The Joker has been in MVP mode the whole season. A man his size should never be in the top three in assists, but Jokic is changing the game. The former first-round pick can score, rebound and obviously make plays with the best of them. He's changing the narrative on how a big man should play in today's NBA. He's top ten in scoring, assists and rebounds. It's bonkers to see how Jokic consistently plays at a high level.

With teammate Jamal Murray out for the rest of the season, Jokic will have a heavier load to carry than ever before. However, like Doncic in Dallas, he's helped turned the Nuggets franchise around. He's the odds on favourite to win the MVP, and it's hard to arguing with that. He's the most versatile and dynamic player in his position.


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