Never Trust Blake Bortles in Fantasy Football

Source: Logan Bowles/USA TODAY Sports

In the Fantasy sports world, I’m still new. I’ve only played for a few years dating back to 2014 and I’m still looking for success. A season where I can make the playoffs and go for the championship in both my hockey and football leagues. For so many people it's fun and exciting, for others you shake your head in disgust and wondered why you can't seem to draft the right players. You cross your fingers in hopes of a big day from your fifth reserve player that you had to put in because of injuries. Maybe that kicker who goes 5-5 on field goals can help squeak by your opponent. You can be me drafting a quarterback that’s trash but take the benefit of the doubt and make him your second QB behind Aaron Rodgers.

So I headed into this fantasy football season with a goal in mind. Don’t draft someone you know that is for sure a stay away, a player that you will regret drafting on your team in layman's terms. I don’t have a great team. My team is 2-5. My first win was back in week 2. The week where Blake Bortles didn’t look like himself. Actually, he looked a pro bowl Quarterback. Maybe it wasn’t Bortles. Maybe he got kidnapped by aliens and got replaced by someone else who looks like Blake Bortles. The Jags QB scored me close to 40 points. As I looked at my team stats I was shocked seeing Bortles scoring so high. I thought I was dreaming. I didn’t think it was real. Maybe Yahoo had a typo and the decimal was in the wrong place. That’s when I thought I hit the jackpot with Bortles. I thought taking this risk would make me a genius. I wanted to tell all those Blake Bortles haters to shut up and put a shoe in their mouths. No less Bortles had a magnificent performance of four touchdowns and passing for 376 yards. He outdueled the greatest QB Tom Brady on Sunday night in prime time. I felt confident riding Bortles for weeks and weeks. I believed in Blake Bortles. I thought he was gonna be a legit QB finally.

Week 2 was the high point for Blake Bortles. With Rodgers banged up, literally playing on one knee, I had to put more faith in Bortles. Could I see a repeat the next week? It was possible as they would face their division rivals the Tennessee Titans. When I saw this matchup between the two teams I looked for Jacksonville to clobber the Titans. I was predicting a 35-6 win by the Jaguars. I wanted a repeat performance from Blake Bortles, but it was typical sloppy AFC South game that had low scoring and made football fans wonder why was this game even being played. Both teams were terrible and Bortles didn’t look like a superhero he was the week before as he fell back down to earth. Bortles only mustered 155 yards, as the Jaguars offense scored a mislay 6 points. My fantasy team got smoked. Bortles scored a terrible 8.90 points but I still believed in the Blake man.

Week 4 came and went. The Jags dominated the Jets and Bortles bounced back with 2 touchdowns and almost 400 yards. The Blake man would score my team over 27 points but my team lost. Week 5 Bortles looked brutal, throwing four interceptions to just one touchdown against the insanely good Kansas City Chiefs. My team won just barley but that’s because Alvin Kamara had an off day. Sometimes you got to be lucky in this fantasy football world. Week 6 and 7 is where I finally lost my faith in Bortles. As Aaron Rodgers aka the bad man was scoring 30 points in week 6 on a bad knee, The Blake man FLAKED! His scores in week 6 and 7 weren't even close to Rodgers week 6 score. Bortles was held under 16 points in both weeks combined and got benched during last weeks game against the Texans. Bortles looked like a practice squad QB making his first career start.

My team got thrashed in both weeks and now I’m dead last in my fantasy football league with a 2-5 record. So now I have to make a decision should I bench Bortles in favour of Alex Smith? On the other hand, the Jags are playing against the SuperBowl champs Philadelphia Eagles tomorrow morning. The funny thing about this game is that it's in good ole London England. The Jaguars second home. A place where Bortles isn’t human. He’s thrown 8 touchdowns and only 1interception in 3 career games in London. It's Bortles’ sanctuary. It's where he plays lights out. So as the Jaguars stick with Bortles and with their season possibly on the line at the halfway mark this year, so too is my fantasy team's season. The question is; should I stick with Bortles alongside Mr. Rodgers? Will it even matter cause my team sucks? The answer is I’m done with Blake Bortles. It was a mistake putting him on my team and now I'm paying the price for it. I believed in the wrong guy. Blake Bortles will now vanish from roster never to be playing on my team again. A valuable lesson that I learned is, In Bortles I don’t trust.


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