NHL 2010's All-Decade Team: Goaltenders

Source: NHL.com

We're now in the final stage for the NHL All-Decade Team for the 2010's, and the men behind the mask will finally get their shine on this list. So who's getting snubbed? Who's going to be part of the best players of this decade? Here we go!

Carey Price:

The Montreal Canadiens netminder has been one of the best goalies this decade. Having played on a few good Montreal Canadiens teams, Price has been able to hold his end of the bargain for his team. He's fourth in wins and in shoutouts, but to be fair the goalies who rank higher than Price on the list have been on better teams.

He's had five seasons of over 30 wins and has mustered up a 44 game winning season, with a GAA of 1.96. That year Price won the Vezina , William M. Jennings, Ted Lindsay Award and the Hart Trophy as the league’s MVP, becoming just the sixth goalie to do so. Not even Brodeur or Roy have won that award, and they're the two best goalies to ever play.

Price’s goals against average this decade is a solid 2.42. The Canadiens netminder has been to five All-Star games and was placed in the top ten in GAA in four seasons this decade. Needless to say the success of the Montreal Canadiens hinges on the play of Carey Price.

Pekka Rinne:

Pekka Rinne has been one of the most consistent goalies this decade, winning the second most games amongst goalies this decade, the Finn also has three seasons of over 40 wins. Rinne led the league in wins during the 2011-2012 season and had two other seasons finishing in the top three wins, he also has a Vezina under his belt but surprisingly he’s only made it to just three All-Star games this decade.

Rinne has led the league in shoutouts twice, he’s been in the top five of GAA three times, and has a solid .919 save percentage. Regarded as the best goalie to come out of Finland Rinne has had a nice career for a guy drafted in the 8th round.


Sergei Bobrovsky:

Bob has been a stonewall and has shown flashes of brilliance in the crease. Unlike the goalies I've mentioned above, Bob started his career this decade coming into the league fresh during the 2011-12 season with Philly. In his two seasons in the city of Brotherly Love Bob only lost 23 games in 77 starts. However it wasn’t until his move to Columbus where he became an elite goalie between the pipes. Winning two Vezina trophies, one of which the Jackets missed out on the playoffs but he was spectacular that year with 21-11-5 record with a GAA of 2 and a crazy save percentage of 9.32.

The two years he won the Vezina he was heavily talked about in the Hart conversation as well. He's led the league in GAA once and last season led the league in shutouts. Bob played on some mediocre Jackets teams but his play helped them get into the playoffs the last few seasons. He has made his mark this decade and he's getting a spot on this list.

Henrik Lundqvist:

This was a tough decision to make. It was either Hank or the Flower. I'm giving it to Hank. Hank’s won a Vezina trophy, Fleury didn't. Hank never had the All-Stars like the Penguins did and still had success going to the Finals. Unlike Flower Hank didn't lose his starting job, and on top of that Henrik Lundqvist is third in wins this decade and seventh in shoutouts.

Henrik Lundqvist has been to four All-Star games this decade and a first team selection in 2011-12. He's first in active wins and fifth all-time in that category. Seven seasons this decade, Hank has had over 30 wins, and while he hasn't won a Stanley Cup, he’s been one of the top goalies for more than a decade. The Post 2005-06 lockout, has seen some great goalies and Hank is one of them at the top.

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