One Last Time, UFC 252 Predictions

Source: Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

In the history of MMA there have been very few trilogy fights with the stakes this high. You have your Hughes - GSP, Fedor - Nogueira, Liddell - Couture, and of course your Rampage - Wanderlei, but none of those quite live up to what's on the line here. Don't get me wrong, every single one of those rivalries have their place, but this one, well this one sees the Heavyweight title on line and a legend of the game calling it a career. Not to be corny, but this one is for all the marbles.

Say what you will about DC, but he has a resume that stacks up against pretty much anyone, and to be frank, so does Stipe. That's why many are billing this as the bout that decides who the greatest really is (tbh I really don't think either are, but that's a discussion for another day). so again I'm gonna sound like a broken record here but, there is a lot at fucking stake here!

Oh yeah, and the rest of the card is pretty badass as well. So let's get to it shall we?

Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic

So round one went to Cormier via KO, round two went to Stipe via KO, I'm sensing a pattern here. Both guys had excuses to lean on after their respective losses; Stipe said DC hit him with a lucky shot, Cormier said he couldn't wrestle because of a jacked up back, but realistically both guys in both fights had their moments, and both guys could have won either fight, that's how evenly matched they are. So what gives?

Well, if you believe everything that's coming from DC's camp then we could be seeing a heavier dose of what got Cormier to the dance, and if that is the case, can Stipe stop it? If we look at both fights wrestling was pretty much a non-factor for one reason or another, but what can't be ignored is Stipe looked just fine when DC indeed wanted to go that route. I'm not saying Stipe is the better wrestler by any means, but I have a hard time believing that Cormier can just keep him down for 5 rounds.

This truly is a pick em fight. I think if the fight goes into the later rounds Stipe wins, but if it's an earlyish stoppage it probably favours DC. However, DC did win the first three rounds in the second fight before the body shots got to him, if he adjusts what can Stipe possibly pull out of his bag of tricks? With all that said, Daniel Cormier walks into the sunset the champ because he's the better all-around fighter.

Prediction: Daniel Cormier, 3rd RD TKO

Sean O'Malley vs Marlon Vera

This fight, for whatever reason, has some bad blood attached to it. And let's be clear; this is the biggest moment in both fighters careers. Sugar Sean has all the hype in the world in his first co-main event, and to be honest, this is the most high-profile fight Vera could have ever wished for. Just like the main event there's a lot at stake here.

I doubt O'Malley has taken Vera lightly, but if he has, it will be a long night. Vera is legit. However, O'Malley seems to be on a different level, but that's on paper and Vera is coming for blood. I truly don't believe Vera is going to get run over like many are expecting, to me, this will be no doubt be the bloodiest episode the "Sugar Show" has seen yet.

Prediction: Sean O'Malley, Decision

Junior Dos Santos vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik

I can't imagine either man enjoyed looking back at each of their last fights. I mean, I don't even enjoy looking at myself in still photos because I'm a fat whore, imagine watching yourself getting washed on a streaming app for all to see. Not fun, not fun at all. However, we all have a shot at redemption. For me it's putting the cookies down, for these two guys it's trying to knock the other out, and that's exactly what's going to happen.

Both are pretty technical standing, I'd give the edge to Jairzinho, but I think Dos Santos would be wise to try and use his skill set to force Rozenstruik in unfamiliar waters by utilizing his rarely used grappling. Will he do that? Probably not, and that is why he won't get redemption, join the club.

Prediction: Jairzinho Rozenstruik, 1st RD TKO

Herbert Burns vs Daniel Pineda

Pineda is coming into the UFC fresh off popping for a banned substance in the PFL. Not great. But he does have the clear experience advantage, but that's about all he has over Burns.

Prediction: Herbert Burns, 2nd RD SUB

John Dodson vs Merab Dvalishvili

Everyone seems to want to always count Dodson out. PUT SOME RESPECT ON THIS MANS NAME! I mean he was once the only man guy in the world who could even think about competing with Mighty Mouse. All he does is compete against the absolute best fighters, no matter the division. Yes, Merab is a really good wrestler, but Dodson does everything else better. The magic is still real to me damnit!

Prediction: John Dodson, Decision

Rest of the Card

Miller def Pichel

Herrig def Jandiroba

Chavez def Brown

Souza def Yoder

Daukaus def Porter

Kamaka def Kelley

2020 Prediction Record: 96 - 61 - 1


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