Reasons Why An CFL-XFL Partnership Is A League Saver

Source: @therock via Instagram

The CFL and the XFL are exploring options for a partnership. On Wednesday news broke out that both leagues were in talks of a potential alignment. The CFL wasn't able to play their 2020 season last year and the XFL couldn't finish their season with the pandemic going on. Talks of the merger between both leagues could be a good thing and are something that CFL fans should embrace. Here are a few reasons why a potential CFL-XFL partnership could help save the fate of the biggest league north of the border.

1. Exposure

The CFL has always never looked like a serious league south of the border. While many down south probably doesn't know the league exists, with the help of the XFL partnership the CFL could get more coverage in America. The CFL had games broadcasted on ESPN+ and the NFL Network (in a limited capacity) in years past, but a partnership could further expand on those opportunities. It also helps to have Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) co-owning the league. The relationship he has had with the CFL and the passion that drove him is only an added positive.

2. Competition

The other issue with the CFL is the number of teams within the league. The challenge of winning the grey cup is tough but with fewer teams, it is not as challenging as you'd think. We've seen teams who have had terrible records capturing the Grey Cup. Nine teams aren't a lot of teams, and it does make the league look a little mickey mouse-ish. I love the CFL but I've always wanted to have more teams in the league. The XFL has 8 teams themselves. The combination of teams will bring more intrigue and challenges. At Least there will be more competition in the league, and that's what the CFL has always lacked.

The CFL did try in the mid-'90s to add more teams with their US expansion and while it did fail, this has a chance of creating a bigger fanbase for the league, as well a more competitive product.

3. The League's Future

The bottom line is this, the CFL needs this partnership more than anything. The CFL has lost a lot of money this past year. Even before the pandemic, Montreal, Toronto and the BC Lions were all losing boatloads of money. The CFL can't survive without those three big cities. While there might be some big rules changes coming into effect if this does happen, including potentially removing the 3 down rule. Fans of the CFL should embrace change ahead. The CFL has had a long and rich history but it would all be erased if this partnership doesn't happen.

Both leagues have their own creative rules that make them much different than the football giant that is the NFL. It's not like the CFL wouldn't have any of their own input on how football will be played in this potential team-up. For die-hard CFL fans, the identity of the CFL won't be lost entirely, and that's what matters most. We can have a mix of rules from both leagues that can make it simple and logical.

The life of the CFL hangs in the balance. The XFL doesn't have a good track record, but with new ownership that is determined to make this succeed, this should bring excitement and new hope for both leagues.

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