Reverse Retro Power Rankings

The NHL has been teasing their Reverse Retro jerseys for a little while now, but the wait is over as they were released yesterday. All 31 teams got new fits, and while some were home runs, others were big misses. Here is my power ranking for all 31 jerseys.

31. Detroit Red Wings

Not only was the Red Wings on-ice product bad this year, but these jerseys are also pretty weak. Basic and plain, and there’s absolutely nothing special about them. It looks like a practice jersey you’d see at a Wal-Mart. An original 6 team and this was the best you can do? C'mon Man!

30. Dallas Stars

The Stars released their alternate jerseys a few weeks back and lets say they were a disappointment. Unfortunately, these jerseys suffer from the same fate. While the Stars brought back their classic late 90's jerseys, the white around it just makes it look too plain. More colour would help brighten this jersey.

29. Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas brought out their beautiful alternate jerseys last month and I was impressed, but these jerseys are the complete opposite fro me. The Red overpowers the jersey and it's a little hard on the eyes. The alternate logo shouldn't be on the main crest of a jersey and looks out of place. They've only been in the league for three seasons and they get a retro jersey? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

28. Toronto Maple Leafs

As a Leafs fan, I was excited to see what adidas was going to come up with. These bad boys have a bit of an 80's look, but the crest of the Maple Leafs is my least favorite version of all-time. Maybe Adidas could have done more of a St Pats tribute, but really anything would have been better than this crap.

27. Arizona Coyotes

I wasn't much of a fan of the Coyotes alternates in the late 90’s, and I’m not much of a fan of these. The jersey just looks too cartoonish. To be fair, they didn't have much to work with considering the Coyotes brought back their Kachina jerseys the last two seasons, and while I commend them for not tinkering with a classic, this concept just isn’t it.

26. New York Islanders

These jerseys are boring, uncreative and plain. Maybe the comeback of the fishermen would have been cool too see. Hard to imagine these jerseys get love from Islander fans.

25. Winnipeg Jets

The Jets brought back their OG logo only to be disgraced! The random grey doesn't mesh with the current blue colour scheme at all. It’s a shame to see as these jerseys could of been nice homage to the 90's Jets, but these crashed big time

24. Edmonton Oilers

There's nothing really wrong with these jerseys per say. In fact, they look good but they are also pretty basic. Their Alberta foes brought back their early 2000's alternate jerseys, so it would have been cool for the Oilers to follow suit and bring back the oil drop jersey.

23. St. Louis Blues

These jerseys should make anybody play the blues (had to do it) because they’re pretty depressing. The red overpowers the classic Blues logo, and it looks like a bad 90's alternate jersey. Simply put, these jerseys shouldn't hit the ice.

22. Columbus Blue Jackets

Another jersey that suffered from the red Kool-Aid look. The Jackets classic hockey stick logo is very nostalgic, and very underrated I may add. But the red isn't a good look, plus they look like a bad rip off the capital's colour scheme. Maybe a different shade of blue could have been the main choice as the jersey colour, but red was a mistake.

21. Ottawa Senators

The Sens Reverse Retro jerseys are not all bad, but why are they so low on the list? The Sens have already brought back their classic 2D logo and the jerseys look way better than these. Maybe the “O” logo would have been the better pick considering Ottawa essentially wears their classics as their main jerseys.

20. Pittsburgh Penguins

These jerseys are pretty basic and while the colours scheme is nice the early 90's jerseys weren't a heart stopper by any means. While it's a more modern look than the diagonal Pittsburgh logo, it’s nothing special.

19. Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers mostly have had a good history of jerseys, but the shoulder colour choice with the orange looks weird and out of place. It's not a terrible jersey but it's not great either.

18. Nashville Predators

Nothing much to say about these jerseys. It's just an old school look with the current colour scheme. It would be better if the Preds would stray away from the yellow, or maybe add in their mid 2000's alternate sabertooth logo. Nothing special here.

17. Washington Capitals

I might get a little hate for this, but the Red is too much on this jersey. It's great to see the eagle back in the NHL, but if they wanted to incorporate the red, maybe do it on the eagle and have the jerseys be white. The Kool-Aid effect is killing these retro looks!

16. Florida Panthers

I dig these Panther jerseys, I really do. I love the colour scheme with the blue, red and gold. It's a great mix. The old panther has been missed and to be honest these are better than their current jerseys. Still middle of the pack, but it's a plus for the Panthers.

15. Montreal Canadiens

The blue jersey with the Habs logo looks sleek and nice. It's a good variation of the classic and vintage look. The Habs have used a lot of their classic jerseys over the decade and it's hard to find any variety, so these jerseys deserve some praise.

14. Minnesota Wild

The North Stars look was a nice touch. It's really cool to see the Wild show some respect to the Northstars, but these jerseys are just on the decent side of things.

13. Boston Bruins

The Bruins vintage look has a nice 70's feel to it. The yellow isn't as bad as the Predators jerseys and the only issue real I have with it though is the logo. The bear could have been a nice touch for these jerseys. Nevertheless, these are solid.

12. Chicago Blackhawks

Oddly, the NHL decided to only show the back of the Blackhawks jersey when they introduced them to the masses. But after seeing the front it's got a good classic feel. The black jerseys with the red shoulder length was a great look. Solid buy if you’re a Hawks fan.

11. Vancouver Canucks

The gradient jerseys look better than I expected, and it's much better than the versions they rocked in the mid 2000's. The colour scheme fits perfectly and the outline of the font looks great. Of course, the logo is a can't miss as well.

10. Anaheim Ducks

Why are these cartoonish 90's Ducks jerseys so high on the list? Well, the modern look looks much better than the original. The white jersey is a better replacement than the dark green and the teal and purple complete the package. This looks way better than the original and this effort deserves a lot of love.

9. Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning brought back their old school lightning logo. Till this day I firmly believe it's their best logo in franchise history. The blue background with this beautiful logo is perfect! Sometimes simpler is better.

8. Calgary Flames

I loved the flaming horse jerseys growing up. It was a tough alternate jersey that looked great for its time. The Flames didn't need to change much of their old 2000 alternate jersey, the smaller red stripe looks much than the original black stripe. I’m definitely getting Iginla vibes and I love it.

7. San Jose Sharks

The sharks jersey has a nice modern look, and while teal isn't the main colour, the grey is a great replacement. The grey also makes the logo stick out much more. The mix stripes of black, white and teal is a nice homage. The Sharks did well with these jerseys.

6. New York Rangers

Much like the flaming horse, the Statue of Liberty was a great alternate jersey of the 2000's. The logo is back and the blue seems a little light which gives the logo a little more of an updated look. The Rangers made the wise decision, can't harp on this move.

5. New Jersey Devils

There was no other way the Devils could go retro than with the green. The Christmas jerseys are back and that is a good thing. These jersey's look better than the original and that's not a cheap shot because I love those classic jerseys. Great look for the Devils.

4. Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes brought back the whale last year and it was a nice sight to see. The grey as the main colour gives the logo a nice texture. The fonts on the jerseys fit great, and the stripes on the bottom and arm sleeves bring a vintage look. The Whalers updated look is a homerun.

3. Buffalo Sabres

The early 2000's sword jerseys were something I dug back in the day, but the modern look of this jersey looks much slicker. The blue on the swords fits perfect for the current colour scheme, and while it would have been nice to see the big-headed sabre logo as the main, the swords were still a great pick.

2. Colorado Avalanche

The Quebec Nordiques are back and with a Colorado twist. The maroon and baby blue was a perfect combination. It's a great homage to the past and the present. The font being baby blue and the outline of maroon looks radiant, this is one of the best jerseys adidas has released yet.

1.Los Angeles Kings

The LA Kings win the Reverse Retro ranking. The Gretzky era logo mixed with the Marcel Dionne colour scheme is a great combination. You forget how great the Kings purple and gold jerseys were and why they got rid of it is beyond me. These jerseys are fireeeeeee., A+ all-around!

All Images courtesy of @NHL via Twitter


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