SC Lists: 5 Names to Replace "Redskins"

Source: Mark Tenally/AP Photo

For decades there's been chatter about the Washington Redskins and whether or not the team should change their name. The name “Redskins” has been a misrepresentation of native people and in some circles is very much a racist term, despite that the team has remained stedfast about keeping its offensive identity, but money talks.

Now, after the CEO of FedEx (the company who holds the naming rights to the Washington’s stadium) Fred Smith denounced the name, and Nike pulled all Redskins off their shelves, Dan Snyder is now rethinking his stance on a rebranding. So let’s help him out, here are 5 names that should be considered for the Washington football team rebrand.

1. Washington Generals

Ok so it's not a flashy name, though “Generals” would fit perfectly for the city of Washington. Historically the “Washington Generals” have spent their time losing against the famous Harlem Globetrotters, but they have been a part of the city for decades. Darren Rovell reported that the Globetrotters, who actually own the naming rights to “Generals”, say they would entertain talks of selling the IP to Redskins owner Dan Snyder. So maybe it has the inside track.

The name is simple, yet very American. Plus, the team colours could resemble those of the flag, the good ole red, white, and blue. If not the Washington Generals then how about the Washington Presidents????

2. Washington Thrush

Now I know Thrush is a little outside of the box but, the Wood Thrush is the official animal of the city. It doesn't look as intimidating as other bird species like the Eagles or Falcons does, however birds don't need to look intimidating to be an effective logo. Just look at the Baltimore Orioles or the Toronto Blue Jays, both have ties to the city, plus the Thrush isn't a bad name. It's a small bird that's a relative to the robin.

Baltimore has two bird team names including the Orioles and their football team has the Ravens, so why not the Washington Thrush?

3. Washington Senators

Similar to the Generals, the Senators have a long history in the nation's capital thanks to its baseball roots, but the days of the Nationals are here so the name fits. We’ve seen the Senators name work in other sports, although the NHL's Ottawa Senators aren’t a model franchise, it has become the focal name in OUR nation's capital for a longtime. It works perfect for one nation's capital so why not for another?

It's simple and the name gels with the city just like the Generals. Though the Nationals still own the name, why wouldn't the baseball team give their football team a helping hand. When are they going to use the Senators team name again?

4. Washington Warriors

Back in 2002, Dan Snyder bought the trademark for the name “Washington Warriors” after similar name changing talks were brought to the table back in the early 2000s. Funny how something offensive 20 years ago is still offensive now, but I digress. Snyder's thinking on the matter wasn’t so much to change the Redskins name, but rather potentially bringing in an Arena Football team, that didn't happen.

A nice W font on the Helmet and switch up the colours schemes to the American flag. A red home, a blue alternate, and a white road jersey would be a perfect combination. Warriors could be the best name on this list, and better yet Snyder already owns the name.

5. Washington Renegades

While looking at potential names, I came across Renegades. Funny enough there's already a team called the Renegades in Washington, a division 3 rugby team that started in the late 90's. The club was actually the first to actively recruit gay and minority players. The more you know. The Renegades do sound much cooler and intimidating, and looking back when Ottawa were the Renegades in the CFL, I thought it was a good name for a football team, which many would disagree.

Still, the Washington Renegades sounds much but better than their current moniker. Regardless, it's time to dethrone the Redskins and start a new era in Washington football. Hopefully Snyder will make the change that is decades in the making.

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