Stop Comparing LeBron and MJ

Source: Streeter Lecka,/Getty Images

Last week LeBron James passed Michael Jordan in scoring, moving into 4th all time. It might not be as special as it was hyped up to be. It's been a rough season for LeBron going to LA. It looks as though Lakers will miss out on the postseason, which means we may be with the King in the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. LeBron might not be the hungriest he's ever been or plays the same intensity, he said in an interview for Lakers nation last month that he felt he didn't need to accomplish anything or chasing something. That has to concern Laker fans.

LeBron James passing Michael Jordan reminded us how good he really is. He has been able to carry teams to The Finals (on multiple occasions) where they didn't have any business of going there. Remember the 2007 Cleveland Cavaliers team? A starting lineup of Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Sasha Pavlović. LeBron put that team on his back, winning 52 games and securing the second spot in the East, and not to mention going down 2-0 against the Pistons and coming back to win four straight games.

Last season LeBron did the same thing with Cleveland. Cleveland was up and down during the season. The front office made numerous moves and when the playoffs came around LeBron put the team on his back again. Beating the Indiana Pacers in seven, then sweeping the first seed Toronto Raptors (where he averages 34 points with 11 helpers including scoring the game-winning shot in game 3). Against Boston, the LeBron and the Cavs went to game 7, and neither team winning a game on the road LeBron changed the course of history once again by scoring 35 points and grabbing 15 boards in the series clincher.

LeBron James has been scrutinized for a better part of his career but he's been able to dazzle us on and off the court. Of course, we can't just brush past the fact that he's apart of one of the biggest comebacks in NBA finals against the defending champions Golden State Warriors. Never Forget.

LeBron James has put his stamp on history. Those Miami teams might seem to be a cop-out by many NBA fans, and sure it's not the same step Jordan took but hey I don't see Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen getting ridiculed the same way LeBron did. LeBron improved in Miami, everything from his jump shot to his post game got drastically better. Even his mind became sharper, becoming the leader and tactician we know today. He became a true force to be reckoned with during those years.

The MJ-LeBron debate needs to go away. Why do people need to compare both players and not just enjoy the amazing basketball? I understand comparing athletes is what sports fans do but LeBron still has 4 or 5 years left to accomplish more. The debate right now shouldn't be talked about. What fans should do is appreciate what LeBron has done for basketball. A lot of older fans don’t like how LeBron handled leaving Cleveland, or the fact he's lost 6 NBA Finals compared. Yet that's what's makes sports so fascinating, not every era is the same. Did Jordan have to face a team like the Warriors in the finals? Or playing a team coached by Gregg Popovich and his squad of HOFers? LeBron had to face both of those monsters and he was able to snag two championships as a result.

Jordan didn't do what LeBron has done. LeBron put those '07 and '18 Cleveland teams on his back like Superman and carried them to the finals. However all people feel the need to say is he's lost 6 finals, or he's not the best of all time. In my opinion, the who heck cares! He's gone to 8 straight finals and that's a remarkable feat by any stretch of the imagination. What I've noticed is that there are too many of those haters that just like to hate LeBron and not give credit when due. The hate I feel most came from the decision that happened almost 9 years ago. Are people still that butthurt over a televised special? If that's the case then get over it. That was a long time ago and LeBron was able to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland.

LeBron James is the only player in NBA history to be in the top 5 in points and top 10 in assists all-time. He's also the only player to get over 32,000 points and over 8,000 assists and rebounds. An impressive feat. When it's all said and done as basketball fans let's just forgot about "the greatest" debate and just remember that LeBron only has a few seasons left. One day, when the King officially retires, it will be a sad day for the game of basketball but the memories will live on forever just like it did for Michael Jordan.


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