SummerSlam 2021 Preview and Predictions

Source: WWE

The WWE's biggest event of the summer is coming this Saturday. Yep, not Sunday, Saturday! The new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas Nevada will host more than 40,000 screaming WWE fans, and there will no doubt be some memorable moments with so many quality matches on the card. So let's kick it into high gear and make some predictions!

Universal Championship:

Roman Reigns (C) vs John Cena

A sure fire main event! Cena and Reigns will clash for the Universal Title. This is the second time Reigns will meet Cena one on one at a pay per view. During this feud, we've seen good mic work from both sides. From jokes about sexual portions to references of Dean Ambrose and CM Punk, it’s been an entertaining build-up. Another piece of the puzzle to keep an eye is Cena will try to surpass Ric Flair for most world title victories.

Roman Reigns has been the best thing going in the WWE. He’s become can't miss tv. Alongside Paul Heyman, the duo have been a perfect fit, and with his cousins backing him up, they make up a formidable stable by any standard. Reigns has been all business, but Cena will look to humble the champ. Their match in 2017 at No Mercy was nothing to ride home about, but with more on the line, and Reigns coming into his prime, it should be a banger.

Prediction: This could possibly be the most predictable match on this card considering Cena's schedule outside the WWE is so hectic. However, I can't but hope Cena takes home the title and runs off like Punk did in 2011. I might be crazy and damn straight stupid, but I’m going with Cena. There will be a new Universal champion and his name is JOHN CENA!!!

WWE Championship:

Bobby Lashley (C) vs Goldberg

Here's the deal: Here's the deal: I don't like this matchup. I don't dislike Goldberg and was a fan of his in his WCW days, his comeback in 2016 was great and should have been his swan song. But since then we've seen him have less than stellar performances more often than not. So Lashley, who’s been white hot as of late, will have to carry the load in this one.

The Almighty has had a solid reign up to this point. He’s beaten Mcintyre numerous times, he demolished Kofi Kingston at Money in the Bank, Lashley has become an unstoppable monster. While Goldberg will bring nostalgia, I don't expect too much out of this match but maybe we are in for a surprise.

Prediction: I wouldn't be totally shocked to see Goldberg have one last moment of glory. although I'm slightly more confident Lashley retains the title. In a perfect world the hurt lock would be the best finish, but I don’t think Goldberg will go out that way. Regardless, Lashley retains.

Raw Women's Championship:

Nikki A.S.H (C) vs Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley

Compared to the Smackdown Women's championship match I may be a little more hyped for this bout. Flair and Ripley have been going at it since the aftermath of Mania, and having Nikki win the Money In The Bank and cashing it in on Charlotte was one of the most shocking moments of this year. Though I might not be a huge fan of the Superhero gimmick, Nikki does play the part well and she's earned her spot here.

Flair has made both Ash and Ripley’s lives a living hell the past few weeks during this feud, but they both have had good showings against Charlotte in the past so that should bring them some confidence. It should be a fine match no question but once again WWE loves putting Charlotte in title matches.

Prediction: Charlotte hasn't lost a SummerSlam match as of yet in her career, so it looks like it’s safe to say she will reclaim the title. I hate to say it, but Nikki's short title reign will end with the figure eight. Look for Charlotte to be crowned as the new Raw women's Champion by night's end.

Smackdown Women's Championship:

Bianca Belair (C) vs Sasha Banks

It's a Wrestlemania rematch! One of the highlights during mania weekend, Belair defeating Banks in their first meeting was a spectacular sight to see. Banks was gone for several months but showed up a few weeks ago, making a statement. Seeing Banks back has helped the women's division on Smackdown, which is hurting for depth. Even though the Belair - Bayley feud was alright, Banks brings a little more to the table.

I thoroughly enjoyed the contract signing between the two. Banks is a bonafide star and Belair has carved out a nice run as the champ. Their feud has been one of the more entertaining storylines heading into SummerSlam.

Prediction: Banks will get the upper hand and take the title back, setting up a trilogy bout. It's time for The Boss to take back her title.

Raw Tag-Team Championship:

AJ Styles & Omos (C) vs Randy Orton & Matt Riddle

Randy Orton has returned in the most Randy Orton of fashion by RKOing Matt Riddle in the ring. It looked to be the end of RKBro, but on this week's edition of RAW, Riddle came to the aid of Orton after being attacked by Styles and Omos. This set up their match at Summerslam. RKBro is quite the random pairing, but Orton and Riddle just work together for some reason.

Omos and Styles have also seemed to work out. The giant Omos has been a good bodyguard to Styles and has been used accordingly. He still needs work on his craft, but his presence is always menacing. Styles will always be consistent, so I’m interested to see what he and Orton cook up for this one.

Prediction: RKBro seem to be back together so it's hard not seeing them take home the titles this Saturday. Given the positive crowd reaction, WWE should continue to run with this unorthodox duo. RKBRO wins in what should be a great tilt.

Smackdown Tag-Team Championship:

The Usos (C) vs Rey & Dominik Mysterio

We've seen this combo more and more in the past few months, but let's not forget the Uso’s stole the titles off the Mysterio’s at Money In The bank, despite the resiliency of Rey. The relationship between father and son in recent weeks has been showing some cracks. A few weeks ago, Dominik went toe to toe against Jey Uso, and as Rey was fending off Jimmy, Dom got distracted and lost the match.

The Mysterio’s were barely on the same page and squeaked out a win against Dolph and Robert Roode, so they'll need to bring their A-game as the Uso's seem to be peaking at the right time. This family filled affair has definitely an interesting watch.

Prediction: There's a good chance the Uso's walk out of SummerSlam still the tag champs. Unless Rey and Dominic can get it rolling, the Uso’s will retain.

United States Championship:

Sheamus (C) vs Damian Priest

Sheamus has been the US champ since ‘Mania but he's only defended the title a handful of times which has kind’ve made his title reign a tad forgettable. Both men had a good match on Raw last month, with Priest defeating Sheamus clean, but this has been a rather lacklustre buildup. Not only is Priest feuding with Sheamus, but he's also been fending off The Miz and Morrison. It just hasn't paid off the way you'd think with this level of talent.

Prediction: Priest has star potential, and I think is the spot he gets to show that off. Expect Miz and Morrison to get involved in some shape or form, but Priest will overcome the odds and claim his first major title. Who knows, maybe with the belt wrapped Priest the US Title will no longer be an afterthought.

Edge Vs Seth Rollins

Who would’ve thought you’d ever see this pairing at a SummerSlam PPV in 2021? There is no question in my mind this match has all potential to steal the show. Edge has looked good coming back and has shown he still can hang in the ring. Rollins cost Edge the title at Money In The Bank quite a while ago, so there is some bad blood here.

Edge has turned the heat up ten fold in this feud, and it definitely feels personal given Rollins has talked about Edge’s injuries. With two dynamite performers and a dynamite build-up, this has all the makings of a modern day classic.

Prediction: Edge is due for a win after losing at Money In The Bank and Wrestlemania. He’s been so close on the big stages as of late that I think he pulls it out here. This feud has enough heat to burn for a while. Edge wins.

Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal

Boy what a year a difference makes. Summerslam 2020 McIntyre was defending his WWE title against Randy Orton in the main event. Fast forward a year and he’s in a midcard feud against his former 3MB pal Jinder Mahal. Mahal and his new buddies Shanky and Veer cost McIntyre a Money In The Bank opportunity. We've seen Drew damage Jinder's Motorcycle and attack his disciples, but overall this seems like feud beneath McIntyre.

Prediction: It's a nothing match if you're the Scottish Psychopath. He should be able to defeat Mahal with little resistance. Let’s hope there are bigger things for McIntyre in the coming months after this win.

Alexa Bliss vs Eva Marie

It’s not the greatest of openers we’ve ever seen, but Alexa Bliss Eva Marie will look to open the show with a bang despite it being such an odd matchup. I don't expect too much from this match. Marie’s lack of in-ring skill, and the absence of chemistry between these two leaves fans with a “meh” of an opener.

Prediction: This match will probably get a few minutes to work itself out and will probably end with a backstab or two. Bliss wins.

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