The Match Deserves to be an Annual Event

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Let me just get this out of the way, when Brady loses everybody else wins. With that said though, it was quite awesome to see him in a different atmosphere than just football. We've all seen Peyton go outside of his comfort zone, obviously Tiger has gone through a rebranding of sorts, and Phil is one of the more likeable athletes we've ever seen. This crew is the crew that everyone wants going forward.

Everything about the event was just done right. After watching The Last Dance, I couldn't help but look at this event the same way, we got to see a look behind the curtain at Brady and Tiger, maybe the two most mythical figures in sports in the last 25-30 years. You rarely get a glimpse of these guys mic'd up in a competitive environment.

Tiger-Phil is the best/biggest rivalry in golf history and Manning-Brady speaks for itself as well, and in a world driven by nostalgia, this event would be a success regardless of circumstance. Rain, pandemic, no matter what this event would thrive, especially if charity is the goal.

That's another big key to the cog. This game alone raised approx. 20 million for the COVID-19 Relief Fund, it's truly an amazing feat and no matter your stance on the virus itself, what TNT and the guys did was incredible. Not just for sports fans, but for people who are struggling all over. No doubt this event could be a successful endeavour moving forward.

Personally, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning are two of my top ten favourite athletes ever, so seeing them interact was an absolute pleasure. Tiger putting on a clinic, Peyton providing the comic relief, just an awesome sight. I also can't hate on Phil and Brady though. These are guys that I legit rooted against growing up, but I can't lie, seeing Brady struggle like the common man on the golf course was satisfying but allowed me to identify with him more than ever before.

I think going forward this should be an annual event with this cast of characters, I would love to see celebrity caddies in the next instalment. Imagine Peyton with Eli? Brady with Gronk? What an unreal viewing that would be. You gotta keep the crowd away though, the intimacy of this event is what really makes it special.

All this said though I am fired up to see sports on the comeback, Brady riding a new wave with the Bucs, which will no doubt be the biggest the headline in the NFL upon its return. Tiger Woods continuing to be the driving figure in the golf world (Mickelson is in that convo as well), and as if we didn't know already but Peyton Manning is one funny motherfucker, hope we see him in the booth one day. Just a classic event all-around and it was awesome to have sports on the tv that didn't involve peeps punching each other.

Of course, the moment of the match goes to Brady. That hole out after Charles was talking shit, an all-time Brady moment right there.

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