The Monday After: UFC 250

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UFC 250 will forever go down as one of the most overlooked and underrated cards in the company's history. An all-time great headlining against a lamb who was put out to slaughter, the 135 division got the reset it needed after the retirement of Henry Cejudo, and not to mention we got two highlight reel knockouts. It's safe to say that this card was very much an afterthought in the mainstream fansphere.

I suppose the dominance of Amanda Nunes, despite how great she is, could be the problem. Watching Spencer's previous fights really showed the glaring lack of competition Nunes truly has. Now with that said, Ronda Rousey at her peak was as dominant as any and consistently stole the show, so what gives? I would love to believe that Nunes' appearance and sexuality doesn't play a factor, but it very well could.

In the immortal words of Rocky Balboa "If I love women, and you love women, then we can all love women!"...I haven't seen Rocky 4 in a while but I'm pretty sure that's what he said. Maybe, maybe not, we'll never really know.

Maybe the lack of attention was justified, let's face it, the fight went five rounds but was over after one. Spencer showed no resistance in the standup (which was no surprise), but what was more troubling was the simple fact that she was outclassed in the grappling department. Nunes just put on a clinic and Spencer just happened to be the crash test dummy that the techniques were displayed upon.

What's next for both ladies is a mystery, the Women's Featherweight division is in such flux and is so desperate for fresh talent that one can only wonder what happens next at that weight class. Nunes has done a tremendous job at representing both 45 and 35 so hopefully the UFC stays committed to their champ-champ. Irene Aldana seems to be up next at 135, good luck to her.

Aside from the main event, this was a true showcase of just how stacked with talent the Men's Bantamweight division is. With Cejudo gone all the cards on the table. Yan, Aldo, Sterling, Garbrandt, even O'Malley looked like a a true contender, all seems to be just fine at that weight class. Huge win for Sterling though, super impressive win over a game guy, and is looking as though he'll be next in line when Yan and Aldo settle their business.

Speaking of huge wins...Cody Fucking Garbrandt, holy shit what a knockout! I wrote in my predictions article that "No Love" was pretty settled with the idea of moving down a weight class, but judging by the way he was speaking post-fight, it seems that idea has gone by the way side. Having not won a fight since 2016, it's nice to see him get such a big bounce back win against a tough opponent. Garbrandt - Moraes? I'm in.

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the "Suga Show" and what he did against a true pioneer in Eddie Wineland. I'll keep it simple, Sean O'Malley is the real deal. When he turns it on I think it'll be hard for anyone in this division to slow him down, but what's next though? Do you take it slow? Or do you throw him in the fire? Personally, I think fights against the likes of a Ricky Simon or John Dodson would make sense, both would truly gauge where he is as a fighter, and both are entertaining fighters.

Also, big shout out to Alex Caceres aka Bruce Leroy with a massive win over the much hyped Chase Hooper, and of course a big win for Cody Stamann after the passing of her younger brother. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Up next we have a UFC Fight Night headlined by Jessica Eye and Cynthia Calvillo, I'll have a preview for that bad boy out later this week, until then though, follow @Laymanssports for more wonderful sporting news and follow your boy @ReallyRobbieC if that's something you desire as well.


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