The NFL's Biggest Frauds


The thing about a sport like football is it’s easy to tell who’s real and who’s a phony, who’s a crewmate and who’s an imposter. But knowing who those imposters are is half the battle because they will eventually sabotage your crew. With that said, after 10 weeks here are my biggest frauds of the season.

Nick Foles

Two seasons ago Nick Foles brought glory to the city of Philadelphia. Big Dick Nick’s amazing performance in Super Bowl 52 helped grab the Eagles their first Lombardi trophy in franchise history. Who could forget one of the most memorable plays in Superbowl history, The Philly Special? Also Being the second quarterback to beat Tom Brady in a Superbowl.

However, after leaving Philly, Foles got a big contract from the Jacksonville Jaguars worth 88 million over 4 years. Injury, plus the play of Gardner Minshew made Foles expendable and Jacksonville shipped him off to ChiTown. Foles this season has thrown 10 TDs and 8 INTs in 7 starts, and the former Super Bowl MVP looks to have killed any momentum the Bears had at the beginning of the season.

Since Foles’ spectacular run in 2017 he’s been a complete dud for not just one, but two teams. Simply put, Big Dick Nick is a fraud!

Jared Goff

Another QB on this list is former 1st overall pick Jared Goff. Goff didn't have a good rookie season, but his second and third seasons gave LA hope that Goff could have some major upside. Heck, he even helped get them to the Superbowl. However, since then Goff has fallen off, and what makes it even worse is the big contract he got just last year.

This season Goff has only thrown 13 TDs so far, and at over 30 million dollars a season, is on his way to having a very underwhelming campaign. The Rams QB looks to be less and less effective as each game passes by, forcing the Rams to lean heavily onto their defence to help win games. While the Rams are 6-3, it is’t because of quarterback play, Goff is an overpaid fraud.

Jadeveon Clowney

Another first overall pick and former Pro-Bowler, Jadeveon Clowney’s 2020 is one to forget. While he and Watt were once a dynamic duo in Houston, the 27-year-old has completely disappeared since leaving. In Seattle last season, Clowney only notched three sacks and 13 hits on the QB, this year with the Titans he’s failed to record a sack in eight starts.

He hasn't helped the Titans struggling defence, and in turn has become a liability on the defence. The NFL had placed Clowney number 41 in the NFL Top 100 before this season, which is now obsolete. Don't expect Clowney to top that list next season, and don’t expect him to get the payday he was looking for either. Fraud!

Cleveland Browns

Despite having a turnaround season, the Cleveland Brown have had an easy schedule up to this point. Against over .500 teams the Browns are just 1-3, but are undefeated against sub .500 teams. Sorry, but beating the Texans, Bengals (Twice) and a pair of NFC East isn’t impressive.

Their schedule looks easy, but it doesn't mean they will punch their ticket into the playoffs. They'll probably finish 3rd in the division and their best bet will be getting the final Wildcard spot in the AFC. The Browns are outside the playoffs and a second half collapse could be on the horizon. I mean not only are they frauds, but they are also the Browns.

Matt Patricia

The former Pats Defensive Coordinator was labeled a "genius" due in large part to defensive schemes and team success. So in 2018, the Lions decided to swing for the fences and sign the Belichick disciple after a stretch of some pretty decent seasons. After all, under Jim Caldwell Detroit was playing above .500 football.

Under Patricia though, the Lions have not been good. At all. They became the first team to blow a double digit lead in 4 straight games, and in those 4 games opposing teams outscored them 110-23. This season Detroit's defense is one of the worst in the NFL, and the team as a whole will likely miss the playoffs again. Patricia has failed to match the success of his predecessor, and has only won 32 percent of his games as a Head Coach.

After hiding behind the GOAT for those years, it turns out Patricia is a fraud!


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