The WWE Has Ruined The Fiend

Source: WWE

The main event of WWE's Hell in a Cell match garnered a lot of attention before and after, for better and for worse. Fans were invested and intrigued in the main event.

In today’s WWE it's hard to be super excited for a match, many fans see the same matchups over and over again that it's hard to care about said match. Seth Rollins vs the Fiend finally had that main event feel that fans were clamouring. The card wasn't anything special and the show didn't deliver up to that point. It was basically a show that WWE really didn't seem to care for.

Only four matchups were announced up to the day of the show, and many matches were put up together a few hours before the event went live. Having random matches with no build nor personal attachment to the participants.

Bray Wyatt has had rollercoaster career to say the least. He was Husky Harris in the Nexus and as bland as bland could be, then got repackaged into deranged cult leader Bray Wyatt and his career skyrocketed, briefly.

He became champ but the WWE didn't feel the need for him to keep the belt for long. After that, Bray looked like his career was on life support, but after a lengthy absence, Wyatt debuted his newest form; The Fiend.

It brought new life to him as a character. His Firefly Fun House was must-see TV every week. It was entertaining and at times had hidden messages in the show.

His debut match vs Finn Balor at this year's Summerslam was what it needed to be, dominating. It looked like Bray Wyatt had finally arrived. His attacks on legends were great and added strength, menacing and creepy, it really added to The Fiend’s appeal. Every Monday night fans wanted to see what Bray was up to.

WWE announced that after Clash of Champs Bray would face Seth Rollins for the Universal title. I had two issues with this; the WWE pushed The Fiend too early, and Seth Rollins looked unbeatable after dethroning Brock Lesnar twice and taking out Braun Strowman. They booked themselves in a corner. Seth didn’t look like he was dropping the belt, especially not after beating two big men in back-to-back PPV’s.

We've seen WWE mess up a good thing before but this seemed to be special. The Fiend was on his way to becoming this generation's version of the Undertaker.

As for the match, it was terrible. The red light, endless Curb Stomps, the weapons, it all added up to a pointless match. Bray didn't look like the monster that he was. The ending made The Fiend looked weak with the referee pleading with Seth to not hit Bray with the sledgehammer. Ultimately, Seth used the sledgehammer and the ref stopped the match and ruled it a no contest.

For the second straight year the main event in Hell in a Cell was stopped by the referee in an unruly fashion. Bray didn't lose the match but he looked like the biggest loser and that’s why what happened after that just didn’t make sense.

Wyatt attacked Rollins after the match and started brutalizing him while just a minute ago paramedics were tending to him and now he’s taking Seth to town. What is this booking?

The fans were chanting "restart the match" and the boo's got louder with each passing second. To have that finish was a slap in the face for wrestling fans. Rollins will now be hated amongst WWE's fans because of what happened at Hell in a Cell. The fans wanted to see Bray win.

Bray Wyatt has recovered from bad ideas from WWE in the past, but after what happened, how does his character survive? Why should people still invest their time with The Fiend? It's hard after that disaster of a showing. Bray Wyatt might never recover from this. It's not his fault nor Seth's as Vince should shoulder all of the blame.

With AEW on TV, the errors at Hell in a Cell can't happen again because these holes are starting to deep to climb out of.

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