UFC Fight Island 8: Chiesa vs. Magny Predictions

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This is a great week if you're a fight fan, but at the same time it's an agonizing week if you're a fight fan and have a 9 to 5 work schedule. The official start time for this card on this side of the world (Eastern Time) is 9am, that's a swift kick in the nuts if you're asking for my take. But hey, this is a subpar card so I don't think the UFC really minds getting a few extra looks before a big PPV, and in the case of UFC 257, it's a big fucking PPV!

I'm was undecided on whether or not I would bother with the undercard for this, but since I'm usually pretty dogshit at predicting the outcome for the main cards I figured I needed all the help I could get. So get your alarm clocks ready because there's gonna be some violence dished out in the early morn.

Michael Chiesa vs. Neil Magny

I'm not tremendously over the moon on this main event. Both guys are good, but nothing special. That may be harsh as they are ranked 8th and 9th respectively, but I feel like I'm justified in saying neither guy really stands to gain much with a win. Maybe it gets them a fight in that log jammed top 5, but is that really something you can say is a certainly at this point? I mean hell, #3 is fighting someone on the bubble of the top 15. 170 is a mess.

Now in terms of who I see winning this fight, I see more ways for Chiesa to win than Magny. Magny's biggest asset is his length and cardio, but he has trouble with guys who can wrestle. Chiesa can not only wrestle, but he can get the finish while on the mat as well, I think Chiesa walks Magny down, gets him to the mat and gets the finish. Magny is gonna really have to get some respect early in order for that not to happen.

Prediction: Michael Chiesa, 2nd RD SUB

Warlley Alves vs Mounir Lazezz

I think the take away from this fight is whether or not Alves can actually go three consistent rounds. The man just doesn't seem to have much of a gas tank. He's a fast starter by nature, but a guy like Lazezz is almost a nightmare matchup for him. Lazezz is sturdy, calm, and if you saw his fight against Alhassan, you know he can take one hell of a punch. All of which does not play into the hand of Alves.

With all that said, I think Warlley is gonna turn this fight into a grappling contest, an area in which I believe he has a clear advantage. If he can do that than I think he can pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Prediction: Warlley Alves, 2nd RD SUB

Vinicius Moreira vs Ike Villanueva

The overwhelmingly negative reaction to this fight being on the main card is hilarious. Sometimes you just gotta scratch your at what the UFC is thinking, why isn't the Simon fight in this slot instead? Ah well, Moreira it is.

Prediction: Vinicius Moreira, Decision

Viviane Araujo vs Roxanne Modafferi

Say what you want about Roxanne, but she has cemented her place in the lore of women's MMA, but I've never liked her game. Araujo has beaten better competition, and is far more fluid as an all-around mixed martial artist. However, that doesn't seem to matter in the case of the "Happy Warrior", as she's consistently inconsistent. If Roxanne can plot forward and get to her comfort zone I can see her grinding it out, but I think Araujo is too good to fall into that trap.

Prediction: Viviane Araujo, Decision

Tyson Nam vs Matt Schnell

Nam came into the UFC facing off against some pretty stiff competition, but since his fight with France, the UFC has seemingly tapered their expectations with the Portland native. However, since those initial losses Nam has looked sharp with back-to-back finishes, and I think he could be in line for another one in this bout. Schnell is serviceable, but has the tendency to get hit, and hit hard. With Nam's power at this weight class, that ain't good.

Prediction: Tyson Nam, 1st RD TKO

Lerone Murphy vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade

This right here is a tricky fight to call. D'Silva has been in some real dog fights with the divisions absolute best, but Murphy seems to be hitting his stride. However, Murphy's grappling is probably going to give d'Silva some issues, I mean he had trouble with Baraos's top game and Barao is about as washed as they come in MMA these days. If Murphy can use his size and keep d'Silva's striking at bay then I think he should pick up a nice win here.

Prediction: Lerone Murphy, Decision

Rest of the Card

Akhmedov def Breese

Simon def Pirrello

Su def Adashev

Lungiambula def Perez

Figueiredo def Rivera

Jones def Davis

Nurmagomedov def Morozov

Fiorot def Leonardo

2021 Predictions Record: 2-3

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