UFC Fight Night: Covington vs Woodley Predictions

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A score almost 2 years in the making is finally going to be settled tonight as two very different ideologies, and very different men face off. Make no mistake, these men despise one another. A feud that should have been settled when Covington was the Interim champ now leaks into the age of "MAGA vs BLM", and like it or not, this has become a black and white fight.

Yes, I'm am contributing to that storyline, but when one guy walks in with a MAGA hat and the other walks in wearing a BLM shirt you can't help but point out the obvious. Although, I think Woodley is more mocking Covington's character by using a political movement for the base of his...well, character. No matter who you cheer for we should be in for a great night!


Colby Covington vs Tyron Woodley

If this fight was 2 whole years ago I would be favouring Mr. Woodley, BUT, and this is a big but, he hasn't looked like his championship self in quite a while. Now, Colby hasn't fought since being stopped by Usman, and yes I know MMA math shouldn't be the base of one's argument, but Colby looked a hell of a lot better against Usman than Woodley did.

In a way though, Colby's game isn't quite has defined as Usman's. He gets hit, and gets hit a a lot. Also, he doesn't possess the power that can really deter Woodley from being aggressive. If T-Wood lets his hands go he can score a knockout against Covington, but as we've seen in Woodley's last few fights that just hasn't been the case.

Prediction: Colby Covington, Decision

Donald Cerrone vs Niko Price

The tale of Donald Cerrone's career is as interesting as any. It's filled with ups and downs, triumph and defeat, but most of all he's one of the most beloved fighters in the history of the sport. With that said, he's riding a 4-fight losing streak, and while Niko Price isn't of the same caliber as those men previous to him I just don't like DC's odds against the younger fighter.

Father time is undefeated, and if I'm being honest, at the weigh-ins Cerrone looked old. Love the guy, but I think his time to hang it up has come.

Prediction: Niko Price, 2nd RD TKO

Khamzat Chimaev vs Gerald Meerschaert

The UFC really likes Chimaev, no, they LOVE Chmiaev, and what's there not to love from a promotions stand point? He's young, brash, an international talent, and dominant. The" Evil Khabib" as some are calling him, has been quite the discovery during these quarantine months. Personally, I think this will be a tougher fight than maybe he thinks it will be, but what do I know.

Back to the UFC's love for him. Has there ever been a guy who's been double booked? I mean goddamn, talk about having zero faith in Meerschaert, and that probably tells you all you need to know.

Prediction: Khamzat Chimaev, Decision

Ryan Spann vs Johnny Walker

Everyone under the sun is picking Walker to win this fight and I don't quite know why. Spann has been on superb win streak and Walker was manufactured out of hype. Walker is the style, but Spann is the substance.

Prediction: Ryan Spann, Decision

Mackenzie Dern vs Randa Markos

Listen, everything is working against my fellow Canadian. Dern is one of the best female grapplers in MMA, and has recently started working with Jason Parillo on her striking. All of which is bad news for Markos. But she's from Windsor, and us Canadians gotta support the cause! Oh, Canada baby!

Prediction: Randa Markos, Decision

Kevin Holland vs Darren Stewart

I'd be very surprised if this fight didn't go Holland's way. He's a guy who knows how to use his range, and is quite effective in the clinch as well, that's trouble for a guy like Stewart. Height, reach, skill, durability, it all adds up to a Holland victory.

Prediction: Kevin Holland, Decision

Rest of the Card

Dvorak def Espinosa

Bektic def Jackson

Silva def Romero Borella

Clark def Alpar

Laramie def Minner

Costa def Newson

Ewell def Rivera

Rivera def Nam

2020 predictions record: 123 - 74 - 1


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