Who's Your Daddy? UFC 268 Predictions

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Back-to-back PPV's? What is this, Christmas? Where are we, heaven? Dana must've been really jamming to some Rage Against the Machine when he put this shit together (he's a massive Rage fan apparently). But I for one am all for it. From the headline, to the prelim kicker offer....yeah I'm making that a thing now, UFC 268 is an absolute motherfucker of a card, so let's break this bad boy with the predictions!

Kamaru Usman (C) vs Colby Covington

What the hell do you say about this one that isn't blatantly obvious? These two guys HATE each other, and as a fan I love it. Say what you will about Covington and his schtick, but the guy has clearly earned this shot. I firmly believe we are dealing with the 1A and 1B of this division. That's what makes this fight so compelling. The hate, the skill, and opposition of personality in ever which way. God damn I can't wait for this one!

I think I've made my stance on what I think about Usman as a fighter very clear. The dude is the best in the world! With back-to-back stoppage wins over Burns and Masvidal, Kamaru has not only shown that he can dominate in the grappling department, but he can also put you to sleep with one punch. He's a BAAAAD man. He's obviously gotten better since the last Chaos fight too, so the onus is on Colby to show us something new.

This is last call for Colby. Despite his skill set, and growing popularity, if he loses tonight it isn't just a case of going back to the drawing board, a complete 180 may be in order. With that said though, he pushed Kamaru further than anyone ever has inside the octagon, and with a new team fully behind him, who knows what we'll see tonight. Either way, we should be in for another classic.

Prediction: Kamaru Usman, Decision

Rose Namajunas (C) vs Zhang Weili

The last time these two fought I leaned Weili's way, and tonight I'll stay pat. I honestly don't believe in a five round tilt Rose can keep up. However, just like she showed in their last fight, sometimes you don't need five rounds to settle the score. Weili seems determined to get the L back, and as much as a flash KO has to be respected, do we really believe that Zhang is going to get caught like that again?

I don't really need to say anything more, if you want my true prediction, see my 261 article, I feel the same way then as I do now. Sign me up for a trilogy!

Prediction: Zhang Weili, Decision

Shane Burgos vs Billy Quarantillo

Quarantillo became one of the true winners from the pandemic era. It legit seemed like the guy fought on every Apex card in 2020. Putting that aside, I don't like Billy's chances in this one. If you look back at the Tucker fight, Billy was stifled in the grappling department and had no answers striking wise. Burgos is a better version of what Tucker is, and is much more dangerous. If he can keep Billy Q from just leaning on him he should be able to stop the fight.

Prediction: Shane Burgos, 2ND RD TKO

Frankie Edgar vs Chito Vera

I don't really like this fight for Edgar. Not because I don't think he can win, but because I don't think a legend like him should have to be fighting this late into his awesome career. I know some people don't a flying fook about these guys, but I've grown up watching Edgar go to war for my entertainment. I just don't like seeing legends of the sport get put out like he did against Sandhagen.

Honestly though, I think Edgar has a great shot at winning this fight, but at age 40 you just never know how the body will respond. I'm actively rooting for Frankie in this one because I think this would be the perfect spot for him to the close the book on his awesome career (even though he said he won't retire until he's on his death bed...).

Prediction: Frankie Edgar, Decision

Micheal Chandler vs Justin Gaethje

Woooooooooooooooah nelly! What a way to start off a show. Listen, this fight could be a long, drawn out war, or it could be over in seconds. Fireworks baby! I'm interested in seeing what version of Gaethje we see tonight. Will it be the blood and guts warrior who faded in the Alvarez and Poirier fights? Or will it be the controlled chaos we've come to expect from the former interim champ. If it's the latter, Chandler could be in for a rough night.

I do think people aren't giving Chandler much of a chance here though. The guy possesses more explosiveness and power than anyone in the division, so he could absolutely put Gaethje to sleep just as easily. I think that's what makes this such an enjoyable matchup. Both guys come to fight and neither will back down. Although, Chandler would be well served to use that wrestling of his.

Prediction: Justin Gaethje, 1ST RD TKO

Rest of the Card

Pereira def Michailidis

Green def Iaquinta

Hawes def Curtis

Shahbazyan def Imavov

Garry def Williams

Barnett def Villante

Jacoby def Allen

Baghdasaryan def Souza

Osbourne def Vergara

2021 Predations Record: 138-85-3


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