Women's Title Should Be Wrestlemania Main Event

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2018 has been a big year for women's wrestling in the WWE. Starting with the first ever all women’s Royal Rumble back in January, which was a success, to say the least. Having Ronda Rousey come out was a huge moment. Ronda coming to the WWE sent shock waves around the sports world, and up to this point, the WWE has done a good job building Ronda into an unstoppable badass.

The first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match carried that momentum into Wrestlemania. With the six participants not showing any fear of taking risks and bumps. Alexa Bliss showing she can hold her own was impressive. She might not be the best female wrestler, but she can still put up a decent match. Her mic skills are very good and can play an exceptional heel. Ronda put on a great show at Mania as well. No doubt it was the best match on the card. It lived up to the hype. The build between Bliss and Jax at Mania made you want to watch the match and see Nia Jax get some retribution on Alexa Bliss. Asuka facing Charlotte was one of the matches I was looking forward to watching at Wrestlemania. It was the title versus the streak. Plus a new matchup we’ve never seen before with possibly the two best female wrestlers in the company.

At Money in the Bank, Ronda main evented her first WWE pay-per-view facing Nia Jax. A matchup which was quickly put together but had a lot of interest. The WWE has given the women’s division a much-needed spotlight, and it’s worked out. Look at Evolution for instance. I really thought it was going to be a failure. I felt like it was too soon to give the women’s their first all pay-per-view in the WWE, but you know it wasn’t a bad card. It was a solid show and the crowd even gave the women a standing ovation.

After TLC it’s clear that next years Wrestlemania main event should be for the women’s title. Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey needs to be the main event. Becky has been red hot. She is must-see TV. Every time she speaks you want to hear what she has to say. Since turning heel at Summerslam after losing to Charlotte Flair Becky has had the best run she’s had since being called up to the main roster in 2015. She’s been more fresh and playing the heel role fantastically. Her baby face role got stale and it felt like she was stuck on Smackdown Live. Lynch is now one of the hottest WWE superstars in the game, with or without the belt. Her heel turn has turned her career around.

While Charlotte has been the poster child for the WWE, Becky Lynch is the opposite. It’s been mostly Charlotte and Alexa Bliss dominating the women’s division for the past two years. Granted, both did a good job but now Ronda's stock is on the rise. Win and dominate, that's the gameplan for her now, and it's working. Not only does she have the name but she can hold her own in the ring. Her no-nonsense attitude is authentic, even though it’s scripted it seems real. The Ronda Rousey of the UFC isn’t that much different than the Ronda Rousey of the WWE.

If Ronda faces Becky for the Raw Women’s championship it would be huge. Imagine Becky winning the Royal Rumble and chooses Ronda Rousey as her opponent for Wrestlemania! Two badass ladies that don’t take crap from anyone. Just imagine the smack talk that both ladies will spit out at each other. Really that’s what helped Cena vs Rock in their first Wrestlemania match, it was the entertainment leading up to the match that sold it.

The WWE can still tease it though and it would make the fans want to see the match more when both ladies finally do lock up. Why not have a submission match? It’s a match that rarely happens but worthy for both competitors. If Becky vs Ronda becomes a reality and it’s in the main event of Wrestlemania, then both ladies should get a good chunk of time to perfect the match. Charlotte and Asuka fell flat last year due to the lack of time, so timing is key.

The females of the WWE have been knocking down doors and have flown to new heights. Now it’s time for the first women’s Wrestlemania main event. Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship, a match that only deserves to be in the main event of the showcase of the immortals.

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